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Cause it's beautiful (taken during a tasting)
Canadian Simones (ER 2007), vintage Punch Petit Coronation Tubos
A few recent snaps
They're red and beige.
Soon getting more of the Bolivar Emperador of which I got a box in HK from PCC last year... And tried the excellent Magnum 56 today for the first time, lives up to it, IMHO
That looks amazing!I got a box in HK, it's a very nice ER release, but typically PL mild-floral.Interestingly most Bolivar ER I had (and I had lots) tend to be lighter than the Regulares (though usually not on the light side, with the Bosphorus being an exception).
Same here...well at first... Romeo Deluxe, a great EL in my oppinion and one of the few RyJ Im smoking.And because they're so beautiful (and rare)
Some details from last time
Im sorry to disappoint you, but the "BA First Smoking Lounge" was a some sort of joke someone made when sitting in the lounge and taking an image of a cigar he carried - I basically did the same Im not even sure if any of BA lounges have general smoking areas...
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