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Roja Dove semi bespoke (5)
Kay. I think there might be even more handwork on that than in a pair of AE.
Well, you can identify and distinguish colours then
I consider adding handstitched monograms from woven gold thread to the jeans.Seriously, it was a casual affair, I was lying on deck chairs...
Bespoke denim
Im selling a Saint Crispin's belt which is totally handsewn (!) and patinated by hand. I've worn it only a few times and it's in excellent condition (see images) and by now too large for me in the waist. It measure 104cm total, 85cm to the first hole, 95cm to the last (making a 33-34" size). Retail was over 400€, but should be more by now. If anyone is in London I can hand over personally as well, otherwise pm me for shipping.
New Posts  All Forums: