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His name is Mohammed Ayoubi.He sells himself for a lot of things; he used to be a sale assistant at Ralph Lauren in Dubai...
What I call the "Milanese jerk/douche look".
New, perfect and completely unworn custom ordered John Lobb Wallace (similar to the William, but on a more elegant last and single sole). Prestige treatment and finishing with bevelled waist on the sole, including John Lobb shoe trees and Lobb shoe bags. Please message me for offers and shipping. Sorry for the mediocre pics I quickly took with my phone. Size UK7.
Cuaba Salomones
Still belonging to last post
A nice image corss post; thanks to the photographer from TYS.
That belongs to the upper part of earlier btw...
How did you find this?That's an age old picture of me Obviously I like it a lot, haha. The trousers were made from a rather stiff English fabric (I think some 400g Minnis) and hanging from braces, so the whole thing looks rather precise.
Thanks, here's another image of it, though not so nice quality https://www.facebook.com/465453856839058/photos/pb.465453856839058.-2207520000.1395528648./662008347183607/?type=3&theater
Had this image taken by a Rake photographer some weeks ago when I ran into him while strolling over LFW with someone from my uni.
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