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Forgot to mention it - they're on the 82 last.
Cause it's beautiful (taken during a tasting)
Canadian Simones (ER 2007), vintage Punch Petit Coronation Tubos
A few recent snaps
They're red and beige.
Soon getting more of the Bolivar Emperador of which I got a box in HK from PCC last year... And tried the excellent Magnum 56 today for the first time, lives up to it, IMHO
That looks amazing!I got a box in HK, it's a very nice ER release, but typically PL mild-floral.Interestingly most Bolivar ER I had (and I had lots) tend to be lighter than the Regulares (though usually not on the light side, with the Bosphorus being an exception).
Same here...well at first... Romeo Deluxe, a great EL in my oppinion and one of the few RyJ Im smoking.And because they're so beautiful (and rare)
Some details from last time
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