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Take the same size in all our sweatshirts. The size charts will be updated today. We hand measured all garments again yesterday.I wear a medium Villain Crew / Hooded Villain / FlashRiga is not returning but should be back in an updated version S/S 2015.
This has to have been mislabeled. Please email us and we will exchange with shipping on us.Sorry about that!
The Mesh Rebel in Medium measures 21" P2P, I just measured it. You may be measuring a little low there for the Villain, as dantatzai suggested, but we will re-measure the Villains and check our size guides on Monday based on what you posted.
You can size down in this as it is a lighter material. A Villain in the same size is going to feel tighter because the fabric is much heavier. I can wear a small in these whereas I am definitely a medium in the Villain. I would not size down two sizes, however.The chest measurement, p2p, are in the size guides.
These will hit stockists but not for a couple weeks.
I have worn the same size in all the iterations of our Villain Crew., you should be good.
I definitely encourage buying these when they release, but we have pretty good stock in the items (as this release has been a long time coming!) so I wouldn't worry about instant sellout. You should have time to review the size guides.
The Villain Crew & Hooded Villain are about the same size, perhaps the neck on previous version made some people size down. The Villain Crew may have been slightly roomier in the chest. The newest version of the Villain Crew, which is available now, is in line with the hooded villain and has a classic crew neck.I'm not going to recommend people size down from the Villain, but you certainly can. This piece is a bit roomier as we think mesh should have some room to breath. I...
If you do a large in the hooded villain but a medium in the villain crew, I would suggest a medium in this product.
Mesh drops today at 3PM PST / 6PM EST.
New Posts  All Forums: