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We are cutting Obsidian, Carbon, & Coast in the new fit as well. Graphite hits later this week. The latter 3 in about a month.
Thanks for weighing in. They are lower in the front, higher in the back, but low overall. We were correctly what we felt was a problem on many low rise jeans, which was the low rise in the back when someone bends over for example.
The fit is similar to a petit standard below the waist, but it has a higher rise in the back so the rise is not so low. Right now the waist runs about 2 sizes big, maybe 1 size big on washed versions, so we recommend sizing down.The new version, Graphite, coming out in a week, is an updated fit. It is tapered to a 15.5 cm ankle. We love the new fit and will have full measurements per size for the Graphite up when it drops. Moving into fall, the jeans will be closer to true...
We just restocked Escobar Sweats in Black & in Grey Duo (non-quilted). These fit the same as the Lima Sweats & Quilted Escobar Sweats.
Our apologies for any problems. Please PM me or email Brandi@johnelliott.co and we will figure out the situation. We have long prided ourselves on this point and had a transition with our site and shipping department through our last release. It should be fixed by now, and we will take care of you!
You should have no problem machine washing cold and hanging to dry. I would definitely recommend washing inside out to reduce color fading.
We are working on it! They are in production...I will also send a list of stockists when we ship - they will be getting them in the next couple weeks!
All of our restocked product is live: Hooded Villains in Black, Hooded Villains in Grey, Mercer Tanks in all colors including Silk Blends.
Hey guys, we are really sorry for the headache with orders. I can assure you this will not happen again, and we 100% understand the frustration. You can always send us an email for more detailed information, specifically to brandi@johnelliott.co With that said, I want to let you all know that tomorrow we will have a huge restock of Black Hooded Villains, Grey Hooded Villains, Mercer Tanks in all colors, and the new Silk Mercer Tanks in Silk Blend Grey & Silk Blend White....
To everyone who ordered over the weekend - our apologies if you have not gotten a tracking number yet. There was an error as we were updating the back end of our site. It is fixed now and those confirmations and tracking numbers are going out. We appreciate all of your continued support!
New Posts  All Forums: