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Snap Overshirt / Nep Grey Flannel. Back in stock http://www.johnelliott.co/products/snap-overshirt-nep-grey-flannel
Our apologies for this confusion. We are looking into this and will get back to you.
Hooded Villains in Burgundy are back in stock in all sizes. http://johnelliott.co/products/villain-sidezip-hoodie-burgundy
You are actually the first person to comment on this. The material is knit in the same way, but the yarns did change slightly around January 2014. The original Villains did have a slightly more noticeable texture. They weren't all that much thicker, though.
You're probably better off folding tees over the long term.
The Hooded Villain from our collection runs smaller.
The first installment in our new series, Formation. The making of the Hooded Villain from start to finish. Best viewed on desktop. http://johnelliott.co/pages/hooded-villain
It is a bit delayed, but if you are talking about the Coast specifically, it is in the washing stage of production.
Both are coming SS15 / in the first delivery, which is around January 15th.These aren't long johns, they are tights, that you could technically run in.
Yes, you should take the same size.
New Posts  All Forums: