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We're happy to announce that another forum member, Need Supply Co., will be carrying John Elliott + Co for FW14. They should have the first delivery up on their site soon!
They are 100% cotton so should stretch about 1/2 to 1 inch in the waist over time.
The cut of the top block is essentially the same, they are just more tapered from the knee down. I would suggest getting the same size. You are not going to find a similar fit from the knee down, they will be a more slim and tapered cut, but the waist and thighs should fit you similarly.The Coast probably runs a little tighter than the drake did since it is a heavier denim and is washed, but I would not suggest going from a 34 - 36, the 36 will be too big.So, a 34 should...
No problem on vagueness, we would just normally suggest to get the same size as either of the items you mentioned.We can get back to you with a suggested leather cleaner. We would just recommend that you accept that white leather will get dirty. If you look at any white leather that is actually worn it will develop patina, wear, and character so be aware if that sort of thing bothers you.
Tough to say based on that. I personally wear a Medium in all those items, and our model actually does wear a Medium in all the items, too. (I can confirm we don't just write that haha)Given that you gave me two different sizes I'm not sure which one you should go with. I'd generally say to take the same size as you do in either of those pieces.We also did just measure those jackets straight out of production and they should be accurate. It is a terry body with lambskin...
The white like any white leather will get dirty as compared to the black. It is a great piece but will obviously need to be worn with more care to keep it clean in the long run!
Sent you a PM. Not a bother and thanks!
Our Stadium Jackets w / Italian lambskin sleeves and shearling collar Japanese Herringbone M65's are now available through our web store.
PM sent with tracking. Thank you!
Coast will be restocked in October. The Charcoal Hooded Villain is not coming back.
New Posts  All Forums: