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If you are going to try it, at least turn it inside out and zip it shut.
Hot wash - but what is really going to shrink it is the hot dryer. I don't recommend you do that though.
^ I would normally recommend a small at your height / weight, but with that said, those do look big. Sent you a PM.
Yes, they are both functional pockets, lined with mesh. You could fit a cell phone in the chest pocket, or other small items. All of our zippers function.
The Charcoal Clash Crew was a website exclusive and is not planned to be restocked. It will be released in January in White, Black, and Heather Grey. To our Canadian and other international customers who ordered with Pitney Bowes: although our switch to Pitney Bowes was well intentioned, there was a problem at their sorting facility which has resulted in many of you not receiving your second tracking number. We have, as of today, moved away from the Pitney Bowes shipping...
There is no Clash Hoodie - just the Clash Crew. There is a different, new hoodie, call the Rue Hoodie, which will be out around January 15th.
The Clash will be available in White, Black, and Heather Grey for SS 15.The Alma has 3 Riri zippers and mesh panels below the knee. The (Shadow) Lima and Escobar fit almost the same. They are similar, but the Escobar has style lines at the knee, and the Lima is constructed from two panels. The Grey Duo and Black Duo Lima sweats are from SS14, and fit about a full size bigger than the Alma, Escobar, and (Shadow) Lima.
Look good to me too. They should be tight at first. They will take a little while to soften and stretch but it is best they are tight initially.
Sent you a PM. We are working this out and rest assured we will take care of you!
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