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The S/S 16 collection washed clay photos (Washed Mercer, OS Crew, OS Cropped Hoodie, OS Pocket Crew) have always been the same. There has never been a change.The clay photos in the basics program (Mercer, U-Neck, Baseline, Hooded Villain) are not washed and have a different dye process. Those colors were replaced to be more accurate with a more yellow tint.To answer your question specifically, these photos will not change - the washed clay products are a different color...
It is washed black. The production version is color accurate on instagram. The product is washed and will fade more over time. The sample used in the lookbook shoot was slightly more faded.
We have not had a Classic Curve Tee in short sleeve yet. When we first launched in 2013 there was a U-Neck tee with a straight hem, but the LS Classic Curve (classic crew neck w/ curve hem) has not launched in short sleeve.
It is a new, updated version of the Fishtail Raincoat. That particular version is Charcoal. It is a new fabric with new hardware and a slightly different design.
Roden Gray for sure.
Yes, they are oversized. Take your normal size and they will be the intended oversized fit. Most people could also size down for a still slightly oversized but more normal fit.
It is a washed and distressed soft calf that we call "swarm" leather.
It is water repellant. Water will bead off of it in the rain. It is not fully waterproof.
There's still Thursday in Delivery 1...
New Posts  All Forums: