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That is not releasing.
We've released all of the mesh for the season.
What you see in the Lookbook is Navy. Plaster will not be released.
The denim will stretch quite a bit. We suggest buying them tight, even sizing down, as they will stretch.The Cast in Coast has never had stretch in the first fit or the Cast 2 fit. The Cast 2 fit is skinnier from the knee down and about a half size smaller in the waist. There are also different stitching and rivet details. All "Coast" denim has always been non-stretch 100% cotton selvedge.
These Kendo's do not have zippers.
This is correct. There was a brief period in early 2014 when the Escobar was about a full size larger than current. The slimmer fit hasn't changed in the last two years.
I would try giving the other locations a call, or see if Union square can do an inventory lookup.
No. All the current Barneys doors are listed on our stockists page. Hopefully in future seasons.
Barneys should have this item. All of the stores are listed on our stockists: http://www.johnelliott.co/pages/stockists
You can try calling Bergdorf Goodman, they may have stock.
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