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I'd stay the same size. If the first Loopwheel Flash didn't fit you, this new hoodie is a bit more relaxed, as are the new sweats. I wouldn't call either style "oversized" but they are less fitted than those first Loopwheel styles.
Tuesday December 13th at 11AM EST / 8AM PST.
We call them the Ebisu Sweatpants, and along with the Raglan Fullzip are a new style debuting with the Loopwheel Capsule. The Ebisu are slightly more relaxed in fit that Escobars, but still are tight at the ankle. We'd consider them a semi-fitted cut.
^ It is thicker and softer than any other terry, and gets better with age. You can read up on the history a bit here, from around the last time we produced a collection with Loopwheel:
It is the same specs as last year's.
I would recommend taking the same size.
For anything sold out on the US side, you should be able to change shipping to UK and access more inventory from that part of their site. Not 100% sure if it will shake out to the same pricing but I'd recommend giving it a try.
This can be done.
I'm not recommending people size down, just saying not to size up. Hope that helps.
It is not quite as oversized but is definitely a more relaxed fit - the model is representing the fit of the tee pretty well I think.
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