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There will be a restock of Silk Blend Mercer Tees in White & Charcoal.
There will be one more drop.
The destroyed denim you have seen is cancelled. There will be new destroyed and washed denim in the future that you haven't seen.
Grey is not washed. It is like the grey raw now, Graphite.Yes, there will be an updated size guide, and the fit will be more true to size.
The current denim offerings are not going to restock.We will be dropping denim with 2 % stretch in August. The colors are White, Black, Grey, Dune, and Light Blue.Coast will be restocked for fall.
There are not currently any plans for this.
There will not be a "reg grey" restock. "Dark Grey" is the new standard color of grey and is the only melange grey terry that will be releasing this fall.
Flash Dual Fullzip in Midnight & Flash Dual Fullzip restock, now live: http://www.johnelliott.co/collections/new-arrivals
There will eventually be destroyed denim, but not for FW15. There will be raw denim with stretch in August.
It will not. It will be available for Fall in a Black X Grey Wool Blend with a Suede quilted yoke.
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