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They are the same. We've let them know, not sure why it was displayed on two separate product pages!
The Moon Mercer Tee was part of the "Midnight Collection." There are currently no plans to restock that color.
Sending you a PM.
All of the Charcoal offerings are currently website exclusives.
The model is 6'1" 160 lbs. Apologies for the discrepancy between the two.
The zippers are gold on our site. It also says in the description they are gold.
Rather than "sizing up" from the old you should check the measurements when we release it. Generally it fits more true to size. For most people the new denim will fit two sizes smaller in the waist than the old - someone who used to be a 27 in our raws would probably be a 29.
No current plans for Charcoal Kito's, just the Escobars tomorrow.
They are the same terry as the Hooded Villain.
New Posts  All Forums: