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We take full responsibility for the manufacturing problems last time around, that was our fault FYI.
This is produced by us, at the same facility we product everything.
Our apologies for this, sending a PM.
They are coming back.
If the right tailor tapers the Coast through the inseam it should not mess up the fading. A skilled tailor would match up the fades, and assuming you aren't taking it in more than .5" it should be fine. Probably would not recommend hemming them, though.As for stretching, they will stretch a bit. Not as much as the raw, because they are pre-washed, but the denim used for Coast in its raw state is actually the same denim as Cobalt.
We will take care of you right away! Our apologies for any problems or confusion. Sent you a PM as well.
The Rider will be out in a few weeks, it is in production now.
We are pushing new washes and styles to our FW15 construction and custom 2X1 selvedge stretch denim.
Most of our stockists will have these tees by in the next few weeks.
We are working on expanding our size offering across the board. Products with size XS are usually items that have been produced for the US & Japanese market.
New Posts  All Forums: