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This a 3/4 Sleeve Washed Tee and Oversized S/S Crew Sweatshirt, both part of Delivery 3.
You do not have to wash them or worry about a smell - they are not going to bleed onto your face or anything else.
The Lows, Highs, and Boots are all John Elliott.
It is the Spring, the image is just a little desaturated.
Washed Mercer Tee / Black
yes, that is the Oversized Crewneck Pullover
There are four unique new denim styles produced start to finish with a waterless dry process method in Japan. They are a new 2% stretch denim and are completely different than anything we have produced before.
The release Monday will all be dry process 2% stretch Made in Japan (start to finish) denim.
Stay tuned...
To those commenting on the lighter terry, we intentionally designed our tuck terry to be lighter for the Spring / Summer 2016 collection. The face and texture of the terry worked perfectly with our washed down process and presented the faded color better than our basic french terry. Further to that, we preferred the drape of this terry for the intended fit and style of these pieces. Our basic terry isn't going anywhere, but we did intentionally offer something different...
New Posts  All Forums: