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That's not our strategy. We treat this the exact same way we launch any other product. You'll see plenty of people with Kake Mocks.
We'll get you guys sizing. There will be XS.
This is the last time we'll respond to this. I encourage you to contact our customer service email if you have a problem.We offered you a full refund or a 15% off code for your Kake Mock and you opted for the code. Our customer service team did their very best to take care of you.It is also not true that we respond to all comments on Instagram. Instagram is not a customer service forum and is not run by our customer service team. You know exactly what you are doing when...
Everyone on this forum knows that we stand behind our product 100%. We have a small team and work very hard to make great clothing. There are not any "significant issues" with any of our products. At the end of the day it is clothing, that we ensure meets the highest quality standards, but will wear over time.Instagram is an ad platform first and foremost, and the same people running the Instagram are designing clothes and don't have the time to mine through it and respond...
We have improved our process of sending digital gift cards and they will be received quickly moving forward, to the specified email. They cannot be automatically delivered as we have an approval process to prevent fraud but should be received digitally within 1 business day.
We are excluded from discount codes.
The S/S 16 collection washed clay photos (Washed Mercer, OS Crew, OS Cropped Hoodie, OS Pocket Crew) have always been the same. There has never been a change.The clay photos in the basics program (Mercer, U-Neck, Baseline, Hooded Villain) are not washed and have a different dye process. Those colors were replaced to be more accurate with a more yellow tint.To answer your question specifically, these photos will not change - the washed clay products are a different color...
It is washed black. The production version is color accurate on instagram. The product is washed and will fade more over time. The sample used in the lookbook shoot was slightly more faded.
We have not had a Classic Curve Tee in short sleeve yet. When we first launched in 2013 there was a U-Neck tee with a straight hem, but the LS Classic Curve (classic crew neck w/ curve hem) has not launched in short sleeve.
New Posts  All Forums: