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They are different.
WATCHING WATER CAMPAIGN: Delivery 1 Lookbook drops: Monday 01/23/2017
Anti-Expo fits the same as they always have. The style is oversized.
They are the same.
They are not Harlots...
We are releasing S/S 2017 - Season 9 - Main Line in the lead up to collection beginning mid-January. We did this for Season 7 and 8 as well.There will be a campaign and lookbooks.
The new Fullzip and Sweatpants are both semi-fitted or relaxed fit. If after consulting the size guide you feel you could size down, you probably can. If you are basing sizing for this Capsule on our Flash Dual Fullzip or Escobar Sweatpants, both of those styles fit a bit slimmer than the new Loopwheel styles.If you are "sizing up" on Escobars then I would suggest TTS on these, or in other words not to size up.
Size Guides for new items in the Loopwheel Capsule are below. The Kake Mock measurements are the same specs as the Main Line Kake, we suggest taking the same size. Loopwheel Raglan Fullzip: Loopwheel Ebisu Sweatpants - the waist listed here is measured flat and stretches up to 3 inches:
I wouldn't call it "cropped" - the Flash Dual was always cut long due to the higher neck. It is a bit shorter than that style, but not intentionally a cropped garment. We will get you guys measurements on Monday.
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