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The trucker jacket John was wearing is a FW16 jacquard jacket, not the denim jacket that released today. It was on the runway, and is the same overall style but a different FW16 fabric - details on that to come.
Barneys will have the Thumper at Madison Ave, this week.
Size 2 should be good for a 29 in denim.
The shorts are fitted. Size guides work from our end - please let me know what size you need measurements for. We are fixing this issue.
You should take your same size.
It is fleeced co-mix french terry.
Thats a denim jacket.
Yes it will. The cold wash removes some excess dye that may exist right out of the package.
The Safari Hoodie will see some color transfer if you do not run it through a gentle wash first.The Linen M65 is not dyed with this treatment and does not need to be washed prior to wear.
New Posts  All Forums: