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It is water repellant. Water will bead off of it in the rain. It is not fully waterproof.
There's still Thursday in Delivery 1...
You would probably want to either size down 1 or stick with that size. Best way to know is to measure those jeans, laid flat, and compare with our size guides.
We produce the majority of our collection in Los Angeles and will continue to do so. Certain items have been produced overseas due to technical capabilities. We stand behind the quality and construction of our product 100%, no matter where we produce it. In the cases where we have gone overseas for production, we have only done so with the knowledge that the manufacturing is at the same level as here in the US.
This a 3/4 Sleeve Washed Tee and Oversized S/S Crew Sweatshirt, both part of Delivery 3.
You do not have to wash them or worry about a smell - they are not going to bleed onto your face or anything else.
The Lows, Highs, and Boots are all John Elliott.
It is the Spring, the image is just a little desaturated.
Washed Mercer Tee / Black
yes, that is the Oversized Crewneck Pullover
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