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You would probably want a size 28 to match that fit.
Probably a 27.
The Medium Hooded Villain should fit you perfectly. Either there is a mislabeled unit, or the store was selling it as the wrong size. The corresponding tag inside should have been a "2." Please contact us through brandi@johnelliott.co and we will look into it. Thanks and sorry for the confusion!
Hey, please email brandi@johnelliott.co and we will look into this. Thanks
Sent you a PM, we will take care of you and look into this!
This has been fixed for Canadian orders.
Brandi and Cody have both emailed you with a number to call. Please email brandi@johnelliott.co or Cody@johnelliott.co
Our weekend email auto-reply states that you will be contacted the following business day. We received this email Saturday, and someone will be getting back to you shortly. Thank you for your patience.The number you listed is for Apartment Number 9, are you trying to contact them?
Early to mid December.
They are a looser fit than our main line ones and do not have Riri zippers.
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