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We are working on a permanent fix. In the meantime, please try a different browser or emptying your cache, they are working from our end. Screenshots of 29 / 30 of the raw stretch below.
There will be a campaign and lookbooks. Like last season we are releasing the new main line FW16 colors first. No collection pieces will drop before the campaign and Lookbook. Stay tuned...
Only Barneys.
Please disregard these. Our apologies on the emails.
Barneys will be the place to go as soon as they receive.
John Elliott is 100% currently sold at Barneys Madison Ave, on the top floor, and 7.5 is coming there very soon. Within the week for sure.Anyone saying it is not carried there is wrong.
We do offer an alternate shipping method to USPS, which is DHL. In some cases DHL is actually cheaper than USPS.Please refer to our FAQ about the customs/duties fees, though. Unfortunately, DHL almost always charges customs fees while USPS does it on a case-by-case basis.
It is fleeced French Terry. That means the loop side is fleeced to make it extra soft.
Looking into this for you guys!
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