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Maybe I can shed a little light on this. Something is not off. Our sample size was supposed to be a medium but ended up being a small. When we shot this piece we had the sample, so that is what our model is wearing. He would probably fit a medium best.A size small is being worn around our office by people at around 5'10" 155-160 lbs and is pretty snug.We've actually updated the site based on the size he should be wearing, so this isn't confusing.
Yes, next week.
Nothing else is different besides the leather tassels.
No short sleeve hoodies. LS Hooded Rebels w/pocket will be early next month.
Black and Grey Duo 2. You can see the Grey Duo 2 on instagram.
Linen M65, Hoya Shorts, Midnight Hooded Villain restock.
Same construction. There is a new color way "Grey Duo 2."
You should take the same size.
No, the Alma's are the same construction as are the LS Rebel. Shaun was wearing a sample mesh Mercer tee that we did not go into production for.
The black mesh tank releasing for SS15 is lightweight supima cotton mesh and does not have any layered jersey.
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