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You probably want the 46. They run boxier than the leathers.
Yes - in a few weeks. We are also coming out with an updated Villain Crew early next week. We have taken in the neck so the fit is slightly adjusted - we listen to your guys' feedback.
The Classic Crew is not really a wide neck, if you check out our model shots that is how it sits. I wouldn't say it is overly tight, but it is a "classic crew" design. It runs longer and slimmer like all of our goods, but the neck is pretty classic.
No, the first introduction of the slimmer fit will be the Graphite, this weekend or earlier next week.If you are a 31-32, I would recommend a 29 in the current cut.All of the raw denim currently has a vanity sizing that means the waist runs abut 2" larger than tagged, so I recommend sizing down 2 (or 3) sizes for raw, and 1 - 2 sizes for washed. The Graphite will be vanity sized as well, but it is more tapered from the knee, resulting in a slimmer fit, which we all love. I...
That style was discontinued. Sorry about that!
An XXL Curve U-Neck is 32"However, we do not plan to lengthen any of our tees beyond this. You can view measurements for all our tees on our site.
We offer USPS Priority and UPS internationally. Unfortunately we have to declare the cost of the items. We do declare at unit cost versus retail cost in an effort to reduce duties & customs.We cannot control what customs will charge into various destination countries. I'm very sorry you had to pay this fee.The costs were raised because USPS First Class packages were going missing in transit internationally.
Our new mobile site just launched. Always a work in progress but those of you who are familiar should be happy with our upgrade!
The length does go up. We are currently updating our site and the size guides are relinking but you should be able to go off those. We have plenty of athletes wear our stuff so finding your size shouldn't be a problem. I'd say most likely go XL.
The Rider's Jacket is going to release in April. It is an incredible washed lamb with full RiRi details. We've already put the page up.http://www.johnelliott.co/collections/outerwear/products/rider-s-jacketWe are holding the Blue Teddy for Fall, which means it will come out early July.Mesh is indeed April. We held off on it because we have updated it from Nylon to 100% Japanese cotton mesh. It is a great product and worth the wait.
New Posts  All Forums: