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A little surprised by this feedback, the hem is no different from the 41 over shirt and is pretty similar to most button down shirts. Not really that exaggerated.
The hem is pretty much a standard BD shirt hem, I would not compare it to the Rue or say it is anything out of the ordinary.
Actually, would not expect this to stretch much.
There is no velvet in the JE Kith Sakura collection
You should take your same size.
That's an error...
We do not ship on weekends.
Everything JE was manufactured by us, where everything else is. Have said this a few time on here.
Quilted are old fit. There was a defect with that item. Unless it is the gap version you are better off with our normal Escobars.
No interior pockets. There are four very functional pockets on the front of the jacket. Any interior pocket would have overlapped on those pockets or would have been awkwardly placed.
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