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They are the same fits.
Leather quality upgrade and some minimal tweaks. No drastic silhouette changes. The new white high's will have a brighter shade of white...more updates upon release.
It was only ever produced in 1 color - you might be seeing different white balance or exposure.
Those are Skittles, and yes there is another pair of white denim this season - that you've seen in some ecomm shots. And yes - we are making the towels.
The Coba and Doha fit is the same as all other Cast 2 denim.
Flash Dual is very much alive and will be part of our Main Line drops.
Yes, size the same.
there are two different cardigan models / styles this season.
The jeans previewed in the lookbook are not very similar to Harlot. More info when they are released, but you should have two different pairs if you get both. They are not the same jeans without paint splatters if that is what you are going for.
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