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It is the same sizing.
^ yes, sizing is the same. Besides the color / fabric choice and new S/S Hooded Villain silhouette, the design and manufacturing process is all JE and is consistent. These are "true" JE pieces in that sense regardless of the co-branding.
Not 100 usd
Revolve has Mix Grey. Dark Grey will be restocking for FW15, possibly sooner.
There will not be a JE release.
We produced all of the clothing that is branded John Elliott + Co X Kith. Anything JE, is produced by us. There are pieces in the collection that are not JE, which we did not produce.
Unfortunately, we do not have any XS on order at this time.
^ Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated. FYI, the Scar Tank was one of our first items, from season 1. We brought it back for SS15.
A little surprised by this feedback, the hem is no different from the 41 over shirt and is pretty similar to most button down shirts. Not really that exaggerated.
The hem is pretty much a standard BD shirt hem, I would not compare it to the Rue or say it is anything out of the ordinary.
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