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All of our silk bombers this season are reversible.
No, they are not Harlots. Harlot are FW16.
Those are the Nubuck High's, and they are coming back.
This is all Delivery 1. You can expect to see some more new Main Line in the next few weeks as well.
Any and all problems have been taken care of directly by our customer service team. We've spoken to the user with the Bolivia through private message and email.
Later next week, after our Delivery 1 Lookbook release on Monday.
The full Delivery 1 Lookbook is coming this Monday, for those eager to see more. S/S 2017 product drops to follow...
They are different.
WATCHING WATER CAMPAIGN: Delivery 1 Lookbook drops: Monday 01/23/2017
Anti-Expo fits the same as they always have. The style is oversized.
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