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Yes. They are exactly the same spec as FW13.
We are using the same terry, jersey, and RiRi zippers in new color ways.
There are three items: Hooded Villain / Mercer Tee / Escobar Sweatpant
This collection will be in limited quantities. The fit of the Villain is the same. The fit of the Midnight Blue Escobar is more in line with our FW13 fit - they are super slim. We will have measurements posted early for that item.
Just to clarify our Instagram - this is being called the Midnight Collection. It will release very soon - it is not midnight tonight. We will be releasing details this week.
The raw should stretch a bit. I usually wear them pretty tight to start. Sending you an email as well. Glad you like the hoodie and our apologies on duties!
We will be releasing details later this week. We will have a three item capsule collection exclusive to our site and one retailer. This will include two of our iconic silhouettes in previously unreleased colors, and one new and previously unreleased silhouette in an exclusive color.
There will be new washes in the future. Coast is our current washed jean for the summer.
Details coming next week...
I shot and edited those and they are accurate. Studio lighting will usually give a brighter and more accurate depiction of our goods than cell phone pictures but I think people that own the new Coast will attest to the accuracy of them. We also shot the new pictures right out of the production run - so those are not a sample but are the jeans in our inventory.
New Posts  All Forums: