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There will be several drops this month - the first one next week. Details to come.
Dune unfortunately will not restock soon.
Lucky is almost 6'3" now and is wearing the medium - his arms would probably do best with a Large.
You should receive a separate order / shipping confirmation for the sweater by tomorrow. They came in a bit later.
This is an exclusive to our website.
They are matte black. They are also smaller than any zippers we've ever used - smaller than the alma zips for example.
Please contact Cody@johnelliott.co, he should be able to apply the second code.
Dust is now live: http://www.johnelliott.co/collections/new-arrivals
The Baseline Hoodie is $198. It doesn't contain zippers but has added sewing details that contribute to that cost. The kangaroo pocket is concealed through a style line that runs down the hoodie - the same style line runs down the Baseline Sweats, which have small Riri zippers at the front pockets within the style lines.
There is a Plaster Extended Mercer Tee in the Dust Capsule Collection.
New Posts  All Forums: