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You should reference our measurements compared to your petite standards. A 31 is probably too big, I would suggest a 30 or even a 29.
We are not restocking the Charcoal color because ti was part of the Midnight Collection, a limited capsule. We do not restock these limited, exclusive collections. Sorry about that!
Actually, the inseam is flatlock stitched on the current FW14 Escobars. The outseam is not. I'm sure it would be possible to taper our sweats, but the inseam would most likely be harder to replicate the stitch on, as most places do not have this type of machine.
It would not be easy to effectively taper our Escobar sweats. We flatlock stitch everything inside out. It might be easier with the Gap version.
Your best bet in sizing would be to measure your rrl jeans and compare those measurements to the measurements on our site.
Probably end of the month.
Olive restocks next week. Pitch black restock in a few weeks.
Our website should be stocked in all of these items right now.
We did strive to produce something close to our brand, but our fit is in fact substantially slimmer.
It is not on order for any of them.
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