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There is a Plaster Extended Mercer Tee in the Dust Capsule Collection.
You would probably want a size 30. Your best bet is to measure the waist of a pair of jeans that fit you well, laid flat, and then compare that waist measurement to our size chart and match it up with the right size. The jeans are vanity sized in the waist by about 2 inches.If you take the measurements of a pair of jeans that fit you in the same way the measurements are listed on our site, you should be able to determine your size.However, this will no longer be true as of...
The look book will be out tomorrow.
This is a 5 piece exclusive collection of completely unreleased products (including new silhouettes) that will coincide with the launch of our first Shop in Shop at Roden Gray. Details to come with the look book in the next week.
These items are seasonal exclusives that will most likely restock at some point.
The Dune Hooded Villain is not restocking (at least any time soon). The Mix Grey Rue Hoodie is not restocking either, but there will be a Dark Grey Rue Hoodie for FW15.
They will be more tapered as well. Essentially a size 32, for example, will fit more like how a size 30 fits right now. Meaning, whereas you currently need to size down a couple sizes to achieve that fit, you should be able to take your true size now, or closer to it.We will have detailed size guides and a better explanation when we launch the new denim.
That is correct. The new 2% stretch raw jeans will look similar to our current raw offerings, though.
There will be, that is the Silk Blend Charcoal Mercer Tee.
Silk & Co-Mix are different products.There will be a restock of both existing colors of Silk Blend Mercer tees and both existing colors of Co-Mix Mercer Tees.
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