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Not a jacket, but rather a Japanese flannel button down / overshirt.
The Cast is actually closer to a 16.5 cm cut, with a higher rise in the back and lower rise in the front and an aggressive taper below the knee. Unfortunately this is our only cut for the foreseeable future.
Every Escobar is now in the updated fit.
That is a pair of Obsidian, worn in for about a year.
The White Villain Crew was a one-off for Atrium and is not currently in production.
USPS, when it works, is great, and their Priority Mail service is fast. For all the good feedback we received with this shipping service, we dealt with a lot of missing packages, and USPS is much harder than UPS or Fedex to file claims with and receive customer service follow through. It is for these reasons we had to switch.
Which drop are you referring to? If you are talking about Midnight, take the exact same size. If you are speaking of something prior to that, you probably want a size larger, so, a medium,
We will not, this was an exclusive to The Midnight Collection.Charcoal Silk Blends will drop next week in Classic, U-Neck, and Short Sleeve Mercer. Short Sleeve Silk White Mercer Tee's will release as well.There will be a restock soon.There will be a "Dune" Fullzip, which is a much darker shade of sand, releasing in January.
Everything that was published at SS15 will not be available until January.
I would go with the same size as you take in our tees, which may be the same size as the villain.
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