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Did I really say or insinuate any of this? I was illustrating the fact that it costs more to produce our jacket than a jacket that is made overseas. We make a product with high quality materials in a clean factory that treats their employees well. None of this is a marketing gimmick. We stand behind our products and practices 100%, anyone who has ordered from us knows this.And you are right. We are a business. We try to keep our prices reasonable because our customers find...
Man some of you guys are so cynical. Damned if you do damned if you don't. We do try to give our customer a good value based on all of that. When people insinuate we are raising prices just because we can, or that we have poor working conditions (we don't) I feel the need to write back.At the end of the day we appreciate all of you guys and your opinions are valuable either way. There's no ego here.
If you wear that size in Rick and MMM you probably want a medium. I'm giving that advice based on how we like to wear them, initially tight and cropped with room to break it in. You could definitely go medium. I've also tried to stress on here that the model is wearing it small. He would be best fit in a medium.
Think you guys both probably want a small.
Those two must be mis-tagged in terms of the composition tag. The grey has always been 83% cotton 17% polyester to achieve the grey melange look. The black, and any other color that is not heather (besides loopwheel) has always been 100% cotton.
Just because you say it, doesn't make it true. Our goods are produced at the cleanest factory in Los Angeles county at fair wages.Whatever experience you have had with other brands does not automatically apply to us, or to every brand in Los Angeles for that matter. If you had any actual knowledge of our brand's internal operations, which you clearly don't, you wouldn't be making these claims.
It will stretch a bit. I would recommend buying it a bit snug at first and breaking it in.
Not to knock BLK DNM in any way, they are a great brand - but to compare our jacket's price, which is made in the United States with all Riri hardware and Italian cowhide, to their imported jackets with lesser hardware by comparison, is Apple & oranges in material & labor costs. We don't arbitrarily cost our products based on what we think they can sell at - there is a certain threshold based on the materials we use and where we manufacture them.
^ We truly try to give our customers the best price we possibly can. The leather jacket is handmade in Los Angeles with all Riri hardware and premium leather. We are well aware that we would actually benefit from having a lower price on some of these items and are not interested in raising prices just because we can or as a strategic business model. The goal is always to bring our products to market at as accessible a price as possible without risking the quality that we...
A select few stockists have picked up this style, but it will release on our site first.
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