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The samples were size 1 / small - exact specs you have and were worn by people your size and are still being worn and look great. They've stretched to conform but that tightness in that area doesn't really give that much. Now that we have the production in some people the same size are taking mediums. Not that we can't fit the small but just personal preference of how you want to wear it.
Honestly up to personal preference. Some people are taking mediums at the same height / weight. We will happily take exchanges in the condition items were received, like always, to make sure everyone gets the right fit.
^ it will stretch the least in the armpit area where all the stitching meets - not going to have much give there. It would stretch more in the areas with less reinforcement and stitching, like the arms for instance.
This is an error. We never produced that style. Maybe they turned the color of a grey or midnight Rue flat they shot black to save time and didn't realize the zipper was different. I'll look into it.
No, go at least with a medium.
Yes, everything on our site is the new fit. The old fit is about a fill size bigger in the legs. And yes, you can stick to your normal size. If you are a medium in tech fleece a medium should be good.
Is the outseam stitched the same as the inseam? If it is it is the older fit. The newer fit is stitched overlapped on the outseam, and the inseam is flat locked. Sorry for the trouble, you would have to return to Revolve if this is the case. At 5'10" 155 you'd want a small for a tight fit and a medium for a bit looser but still slim fit, but that depends on how built your legs are.
Denim shirts in Indigo and Black wash, Scar tanks in Black, White, and Grey, and LS Mercer Tee in Dune are all next Tuesday.
Unfortunately no.
Did I really say or insinuate any of this? I was illustrating the fact that it costs more to produce our jacket than a jacket that is made overseas. We make a product with high quality materials in a clean factory that treats their employees well. None of this is a marketing gimmick. We stand behind our products and practices 100%, anyone who has ordered from us knows this.And you are right. We are a business. We try to keep our prices reasonable because our customers find...
New Posts  All Forums: