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Not accurate.
It is a completely different product and is a 2 layer basketball inspired tank with a nylon jersey.
Classic Crew in Co-Mix White http://www.johnelliott.co/products/classic-crew-co-mix-white
The inside mesh is different and is tighter in terms of weave and more substantial. It is only on the top panel where the vents are, as can be seen in the flat.We will update with more detailed pictures of this detail.
The leather is the same. We call it the Summer Rider's Jacket because of the season and specifically because of the vented shoulders and back yoke.
The Summer Rider's Jacket fits the same as the previous Rider's Jacket. We are working to amend this size guide.
Sprayed Classic Crews run the same as regular Classic Crew. Check the guides again.
It does have zippers on the sides on the model. You are looking at a flat shot of the jacket fully zipped versus the jacket open on the model. The jacket is the exact same as the flat. You can see the zippers better in the detail shots.
It is not.
New Posts  All Forums: