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Yes - our denim production will be delivering a bit later than everything else, but the new White denim in raw & wash, along with the Coast denim should be available around the beginning of October.
There is a "dune" Villain Crew in the works for Spring, which is a darker sand or tan color.
We explained this earlier in the thread, but this is not a new direction for our core basics, but is another, higher end option. There is just no way the Alma sweatpants could sit in a similar price point as the Escobar with 3 RiRi zips and the Japanese cotton mesh panels at the calf.We are not raising prices on Escobars, but for those in the market for the higher end sweatpant, the Alma is available.We will continue to release higher end items but that does not mean the...
The new cut is closer to a 16cm, when sized down 1 or 2 sizes to account for accurate waist size.
You should probably take a size 27. They are vanity sized and if you want the tight / slim fit this will be the right size. We have someone in the office who has been breaking in the raw for a year now - he is 5'10" 155lbs, usually wears a 29 and wears the 27's.
The navy (midnight blue) is not restocking. The quilted are the larger fit, any current season Escobars will fit smaller.
This is the FW14 Dark Grey Hooded Villain.
The current fit is exactly the same as the very first season we did Escobars (FW13). We didn't have Escobars available 2 years ago (we didn't have anything available)...but a year ago right now we would have been delivering the same fit as the current fit. For SS14, we opened up the fit a bit, and they fit almost a full size bigger. We found that customers liked the original fit better, so we changed it back and will continue with it for the future.So, long story short, if...
These are actually Saint Laurent SL / 01H
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