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No current plans for Charcoal Kito's, just the Escobars tomorrow.
They are the same terry as the Hooded Villain.
There have not been any changes. 100% cotton is likely to stretch a bit more.
The Burgundy has gold zippers, the insta is maybe a little desaturated on the zippers, but the product images on our site and the description will be very clear.
^ 11AM EST, caption has been updated on IG
Yes, doing even a hot wash is not going to accomplish much. A competent tailor can take them down in size for you.
We are releasing 5 colors of raw - Black, Tan, White, Grey, Light Blue in the updated fit with 2% stretch. New hardware, new details, more true to size, skinnier. We will also be releasing the new Coast wash in 100% cotton, same new fit & hardware.New washes & distressed jeans with 2% stretch are releasing for SS16 in January / Feb.
Mostly terry & tees. Shirts, Jackets, leather and outerwear are seasonal.
Yes, the SS16 collection is in large part faded / washed terry in multiple colors - you can reference the runway show. Faded and washed cotton tees as well.Our current Main Line basics program will carry over as it is currently constructed with new colors as well.
These are part of the SS16 collection and will be available January / February.
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