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There will be a Charcoal / Black 41 Overshirt with a suede yoke for FW15.
For those of you in New York City this weekend...the Midnight Collection will be available to purchase.
The Co-Mix is a slightly heavier knit and feels and drapes differently than our other tees. I would be a little concerned with the fit of a small on you. The length is not an issue at 5'10" but the chest and shoulder are probably going to be at 170 lbs. Unless you want a tight look, I would generally advise to stick to a medium at your height / weight.
The collection will debut at Bergdorf, minus the U-Necks. Everything will be available online. We will update with details soon.
Classic Crew in Moon and Charcoal will be at Bergdorf Goodman with the rest of the collection, and will also be available with the U-Necks.
It is the tee layered under the Charcoal Hooded Villain in the pictures posted above. It is a solid light grey that we call "Moon."
The Moon & Charcoal Curve U-Necks will be available on our site the week following the event, all other pieces will be at Bergdorf Goodman this Saturday. They will also have Co-Mix Curve U-Necks and Pitch Black Hooded Villains.
^ We are also expanding the Moon tees to all silhouettes as well as the Charcoal tees. Moon & Charcoal will be offered in Classic, Mercer, and Curve U-Neck.
It will be, following the Bergdorf release. Details to come.
The Hooded Villain has been restocked in Midnight.
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