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Contact Brandi@johnelliott.co, we will take care of you.
They will be restocked in a grey we are calling "Mix Grey" for SS15
^ Thanks for you reply. Every garment is priced differently based on the sewing costs of that particular garment, the fabric used, etc. The truth is, we are pricing this piece fairly based on the cost of materials and labor. We are aware that people would perhaps like these at a lower price, and that we could maybe even sell more that way. We are not simply pricing at "what the market can tolerate" as some have suggested. For example, based on many factors the Hooded...
Clash Crew releases in two weeks in White, Black, and Mix Grey.
We really do try our best to have competitive and fair pricing. Our fabrics are imported from Japan or custom knitted domestically, our hardware comes from Riri (be it zippers or Cobrax buttons), and everything is sewn and finished in Los Angeles. We are by no means price gouging you guys, this is the cost of doing business with the quality of goods that we produce domestically. There are many factors that go into pricing, and that sometimes means taking a hit on our...
Coast will be up by next week.
The Midnight Villain is coming soon, this is only the first SS15 drop.
We apologize for this. You have been sent a PM.
Stockists will receive Midnight Blue in Rue Hoodies, Bombers, and Hooded Villains and Villain Crews, as well as tees.
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