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Hey, please contact Cody@johnelliott.co, and let him know you are from Styleforum. He will take care of you ASAP.Thanks!
The Clash Crew in Charcoal was a website exclusive and is not going out to any stockists.Stores will be stocking it in White, Black, and Heather Grey in January.
Loopwheeler is a brand that uses fabric knitted on the same machines we sourced our Loopwheel fabric from. This is not a collaboration with Loopwheeler, but a collection made with Loopwheel fabric.
It is similar to this video. Our loopwheel terry comes from the same machines you see here.
This will consist of 3 iconic styles, more info to come.
Next week we will be releasing our final project of 2014 - [ Loopwheel Collection ] Loopwheel terry is only made in Wakayama, Japan. Mid-century machines are carefully maintained for generations. They knit 1 meter of fabric per hour, a slow pace by modern standards. These products will last a lifetime with proper care. More details to come.
Hey Edmund, please contact Cody@johnelliott.co.He will take care of you, tomorrow morning at the latest.
This is true, it was also fade the fabric. You wouldn't have to worry with the heather grey, but the black will suffer.
If you are going to try it, at least turn it inside out and zip it shut.
Hot wash - but what is really going to shrink it is the hot dryer. I don't recommend you do that though.
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