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^ Natural Melange and Black Melange are both coming Tuesday
These are not my jeans - this pair is an old wash we did. I posted mine a few pages back.
If you want a truly oversized fit get the same size as you would in Main Line items like Flash Dual Fullzip or Hooded Villain. It you want a more fitted sizing you can size down in this hoodie.
This season is actually a heavier weight terry that the Season 7 terry. Not quite as thick as a Villain but it is a medium weight terry and is not the "tuck terry" from that season.
It is natural, but white and black are coming.
This was farther along and posted to our Instagram at one point. They were worn for at least another year (maybe more) after this before producing the jeans.
Nearly every day for a few years - no washes really for the first six months, washed sparingly since then.
^ That is the same pair early on. We posted a couple more pics throughout wear (if you look through the gallery of images on this thread) but we haven't posted pictures of them before they went to sampling.
^ Exactly why we've had this thread from the start of the brand. Thanks @MilesMW
^ not all visible by comparing 1:1 images. Multiple repairs on the Siena, different denim.
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