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They should restock around early May.
The size chart is correct. Your height / weight sounds like a medium, but it depends on what fit you are going for. The models on our site are 5'10" 160 & 6'2" 160 and both wear a medium, and the Kith TSP hoodies run the same.
We sourced the terry, it is not from anything Kith has done before.
I think you're a medium.
Ronnie is suggesting people size up from tts. Don't size up from JE sizing.
It fits the same as our other Villains.
Take the same size. All of the TSP fits the same as our other items.
It is all standard John Elliott + Co sizing.
There was a problem with Chrome which is being fixed, please try Safari.I'm not really sure how Naked & Famous fits. We do have size charts so I'd recommend using those. Generally people go down 1 size from their "normal" or "true" size in our washed denim.
^ Live now.
New Posts  All Forums: