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They are short sleeve. There is an ls tee layered under them.
^ Sashiko tees are short sleeve.
All of the denim is new.
The Delivery 1 Lookbook is tomorrow.
Classic Crewneck, 100% cotton, ribbed cuffs.
This is the exact version from the runway and is also being produced in a darker black shade. It is a unique custom fabric for FW16. More details to come when these garments drop.
Size 31 & 34 Nero - tagged black w/ knee hole still available at Barneys Madison Ave.
The Leather Slides are John Elliott - more than 50% of the shoes are JE.
Everything you see is John Elliott with the exception of the Nike footwear in select looks.
The show has not started! We are sorry for the technical difficulties. The live stream will start shortly.
New Posts  All Forums: