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The 41 Overshirt in red and in black check from FW14 did not have wool.
^ There a multiple jackets this season with different fabrications and fits. This jacket is lined with Thermolite.
Some pieces from Delivery 1 will release in future deliveries. Everything you see in the lookbooks will be available.
The embroidered jeans you are talking about are paneled with Sashiko stitching.The destroyed you are referencing from a showroom rack are 3 seasons old. These are a different. More info with our next lookbook.
Please contact our customer service and they'll address any issues. Thanks for supporting the brand!
That is correct. John has posted on here once under a different account.
FYI to anyone reading past posts on here, this account was converted from a different team member, who did have a history on Styleforum, years ago. This is not John's personal account, and the post history does not reflect him.
Curve U-Neck in Grey. We are working on adding this feature.
The boots for tomorrow's release run true to size. We do not suggest sizing down like the sneakers.
There will be a separate red release.
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