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This is the Classic Crew / Co-Mix White.
The Wool Overcoat will be releasing in the coming weeks.
Probably more like Escobars despite the size guide. They boucle is a looser weave and more forgiving fit.
All shipping carriers are technically obligated to levy taxes and / or duties levied by the country of import. We have heard that USPS / Canada Post tend to enforce this less frequently than some of the private carriers but have no way to confirm this with the carrier as they are all obligated to do so.
These should be out by the end of this month.
No, however we've seen basketball players wear them. They are pretty accommodating to larger sizes even in XL.
Our site will not be stocking the tights.
The front inside of the pockets are lined with jersey. They are otherwise all Boucle.
These are releasing next week.
The updated denim should be releasing in early October.
New Posts  All Forums: