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All of our washed colors will be lighter than our main line versions of those colors. Glad you are happy with the hoodie!
Those are the Flatback Thermal Shorts in Clay.
There will be mesh pieces this spring. Some of them were in the runway show.
They were in our runway show. http://www.johnelliott.co/pages/spring-summer-2016-br-runway-show-lookbook
All new season denim has 2% stretch.
You could do plain water if you want - machine wash cold on delicate and hang. We'd recommend Woolite Dark (or Woolite) for detergent. If you don't wash it first, you should be careful with lighter tees or jeans, light leathers, etc. Sort of the way you would expect raw denim to transfer a bit. After one wash any color transfer should be gone.
We would definitely suggest being careful about washing with like colors on our washed program for SS16. After one wash and hang dry color transfer should not be an issue - but do not mix colors from this collection with other clothes of different color on the first wash.
Heads up to everyone. The Washed Mercer Tee's are NOT oversized. Take your normal size.
New Posts  All Forums: