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The Oak Bogota is as you see it on our site.
We do not use "filters" and try our best to be color accurate in our photos. There are a lot of variables in shooting products with comparison to our stockists and even to customer photos. White balance settings, studio lighting vs. outdoor lighting, etc. Our standard is our studio and we always compare those shots with product in-office to present an accurate portrayal and will adjust if given feedback otherwise.
The 2016 Boucle products utilize more yarns and have a tighter knit. They also have, in the case of the crew at least, a ribbed collar whereas last year's was raw. Our website shots use the 2106 product and can't really be compared to last year's product.
The Mica on our site are "The Cast 2", in the first cut. The raw denim in the Mica fits slightly larger than our Japanese produced denim through the hem, and fits more like the first iteration of The Cast 2 than our FW16 cut.
You can expect about 3" stretch on the waist of these as they have an elastic waistband with drawstring. The small is 28-30, medium 30-33 in the waist.
^ That is the only color for the Aluminum Flight Jacket.
They are not different. We updated our product photography.
The fit from the Cast to the Cast 2 was completely different. The taper on our FW16 denim is slightly tighter, but the waist and thighs have not changed, there is no need to change your sizing between this season and last.The restocked styles have been carried over from last season and are cut the same as our FW16 denim.
^ All of the FW16 denim that has been released is cut like this.
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