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Not at all, Jerry's a friend.This whole collection is designed to be merchandized together, the Villain Crew and LS Mercer were elongated to layer under the Stadium Jacket with Reverse Terry.
They are both 3" longer than the current.
Coast will be back in stock in a few weeks.
The Shadow Reverse Terry Stadium Jacket is $388.00
Our sweats are designed to be very slim and stretch a bit over time. They are intended to fit as they do on our model on the site. If you don't want them quite as slim you can size up. I would bet that the XL Gap version compared to ours is a full size to a full size and half bigger.
The fit is not the same. Ours are much slimmer. Please refer to our size guides, and let us know if you have questions. Thanks!
Lookbook will be out by Wednesday, should hit the blogs sooner!
Unfortunately, although we were intimately involved in the design process, Gap produced and sold these items. I'm not sure what to recommend beyond the obvious.
Yes, we will be releasing details soon.
New Posts  All Forums: