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White, grey, black.
The first drop of FW14 hits in July - these shirts will be out between July and September. We are excited to get them out there too!Here is a list of new product you can expect:Next week: All grey Escobar sweats - Website ExclusiveWithin two weeks: Short Sleeve Mesh Hoodies, Mesh TanksMay: Coast, Cobalt, Obsidian, & Carbon denim in updated fit.May / June: 5 website exclusive items to be announced.July: FW14 collection
^ Also coming in grey for FW14 - Snap flannel shirts with quilted Italian lamb yoke, and a subtle double hem detail in the back.
Sizing will be the same as current sizing on the sweats. You should be alright to wait until early next week and order both at the same time.
Flash Dual Fullzip is restocked.
The Escobar restock for Black, Grey Duo 2 (Black/Grey), and Grey Duo (Grey/Grey) will happen by early next week. I will keep you all posted.Flash Dual Fullzip restock is tonight.
Riga, unfortunately, will not be coming back until SS15.
They will be live by early next week, XS-XXL. Current styles will be live slightly sooner, in the same size run.
All grey Escobars (grey with dark grey waistband and cuffs) are coming soon as well, exclusive to our site...
We will provide full measurements, but around our office some have taken a size smaller than the Villain.For instance I (Mike) wear a medium in our Villain but a small in the SS Mesh hoodie. The fit with that is similar to the Villain - slim.
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