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Sooner than that...
It's back.
The collection is available for preorder on Gap's US website. Unfortunately we do not have specific details about everywhere it is releasing and when.
Are you still having a problem? I just tested and it works from here.Let us know and thanks.
Teddy jacket is coming very, very soon. Maybe this week. Price is $540.
They will be!
We haven't done this before. No plans at the moment, but we will keep it in mind.
That measurement is correct. We are in the process of producing denim, the restock probably won't be until toward the end of October.
XL will probably work. They will stretch as it is french terry so we generally like them tight in the calf to begin with, but obviously your thigh is not an area you would want it tight in. I think, generally speaking, you would be ok with the XL, though.
We are now including the first volume of our new magazine "Research Document" in all orders, while supplies last. Here is a brief article Complex posted about it this morning. http://www.complex.com/style/2014/09/john-elliott-research-document-magazine
New Posts  All Forums: