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Thank you for the support, we appreciate you!
The site was having a glitch. The fabrics are the same as always on the basic tees.
If you are looking at the Midnight, you can probably go small. The Black, Grey Duo 2, and Grey Duo are all still the larger cut and I would probably go XS in those.The XS Midnight Escobars are really small. However, some of us around 5'10" 155 lbs wear the Small in the Midnight Escobars because they do stretch and we like the tight fit, so your height/weight could potentially go XS in those, though I would recommend Small.
You should get it in time. Email Brandi@johnelliott.co and we will make sure it does!
Yes, most people take the same size in all of our tees.
All of our clothing is conciously designed to layer and make sense when worn together. As a basics company at our foundation the clothing should also fit into any wardrobe.
The flannel is in the collection, coming in early September.The Mercer Tees in Black, Grey, & White will be coming soon followed by the rest of our FW14 tees. The tees will be followed by the terry in late July / early August, and the shirting and outerwear will drop early Fall (September).
The Pitch Black Villain is the same Villain with matte black zippers. There is currently no discount code.
Our standard terry weight is always the same unless otherwise noted.
New Posts  All Forums: