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I personally take the same size as it will stretch, but you will notice it is smaller out the gate. Some people definitely do choose to take a size up.
The cut is the same. They generally run a half size smaller due to the wash process.
Gap and GQ will be revealing the collection soon.
This line is designed by us and produced by the GAP. As part of the GQ Best New Menswear Designer award, all of the brands are taking part in this collaboration. We are excited to share it with you guys, all of our customers, customers of the GAP, and new customers. This is an exclusive, limited collaboration and we are happy with the results.We are not planning any diffusion lines.
I believe he was referring to this: http://www.gq.com/style-list/my-prize-possession-los-angeles-2014/9
Our current tees, especially the Curve-Uneck, were inspired by those. So in a way they already exist. That's not to rule out new tshirt silhouettes in the future, though!
The Blue Teddy is coming, albeit a bit later on. Do not size down on the flannel. You should take the same size, medium.
All of the denim is around the same weight. We will be incorporating 2% stretch into some of the denim for SS15.
It is very hard to make the call for you. You should measure those 511's and compare them to our measurements. If this helps, though, the top block of the old fit 34 is exactly the same. The only thing we changed was to taper from the knee down, so they are slimmer below the knee. You'll have to make the call to size down or not. Generally I do recommend sizing down in our jeans if all the measurements check out - our waists run big.
All the denim currently for sale on our site is the updated fit, and yes, the next production of Cobalt will continue to be.
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