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I would go with the same size as you take in our tees, which may be the same size as the villain.
SS15 will see the introduction of a curved hem tank.
No, Sand is much lighter. That Flash won't be out until January SS15, and that color is called "Dune"
We have a number of NBA players that wear them, you should be good. That inseam starts from a dropcrotch, so the length is a few inches greater than the same inseam would calculate to on your standard jean for example.When you take the front rise (or drop crotch) into consideration it is more like a 35" inseam on an XXL Escobar.
Cotton denim will always stretch out. At the end of the day, it is still composed of the same material, so I would suggest purchasing a snug waist to begin with. Raw denim will stretch more as it hasn't gone through the washing process, but it is literally the same denim on both jeans.
Tomorrow's drop at 9AM EST will be the largest of FW14 thus far. Included styles are: Curve U-Neck & Classic Crew in Olive: This is the first colored tee we've introduced and is composed of the same fabric as the black & white tees. Longsleeve Mercer Tees in Black, Grey, and White: Another new item, the first long sleeve tee we have sold. We are constantly improving our basics as demonstrated through the stitch details on the hem and neck. Hooded Villain in Sand: New...
I would probably suggest a Medium, the new Small will definitely be more tapered and tighter overall.The LS Rebel is coming at the end of the month.
If you want a similar fit to XS, I highly recommend going with a small in the FW14 fit, you will just end up returning the medium.
You would be a small. You should definitely not adjust by two sizes.
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