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We are introducing custom 2% stretch selvedge for SS15 and it will be in most of our denim from FW15 forward.
Similar to the Curve U-Neck.
We unfortunately can't really advise on sizing, I'd have to advise you to go by whatever GAP puts out there. Again we did design the product to fit similarly!
This is produced by and sold exclusively through GAP.
It should be available worldwide though I don't have a list of stores. Major cities or larger GAP stores in Europe should be receiving the goods.We are very happy with the quality and with what GAP has put together. It is a different product than ours and the price does reflect that.I'm not sure how exactly to advise about sizing, I just wanted to warn against using our size charts for the GAP collaboration. It is of course our aim to put out a product with a similar JE +...
Hey Adrian, probably XL but the best way to know would be to measure a similar garment you already own that fits you well and compare it to our guides.Fair warning, the GAP stuff may not fit exactly the same as the stuff on our site.
Everything is presented in the look book. Glad you guys like it!
We're happy to announce that another forum member, Need Supply Co., will be carrying John Elliott + Co for FW14. They should have the first delivery up on their site soon!
They are 100% cotton so should stretch about 1/2 to 1 inch in the waist over time.
The cut of the top block is essentially the same, they are just more tapered from the knee down. I would suggest getting the same size. You are not going to find a similar fit from the knee down, they will be a more slim and tapered cut, but the waist and thighs should fit you similarly.The Coast probably runs a little tighter than the drake did since it is a heavier denim and is washed, but I would not suggest going from a 34 - 36, the 36 will be too big.So, a 34 should...
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