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It is 3" longer, so if you were to take a Villain or LS Mercer (or Mercer Tee) that you own, and add 3 inches, that would be the length. Lucky (the model in those pictures) is about 6'2" and wearing a medium there. He has a very slim build.
They fit more snug compared to the old Lima Sweatpants from SS14 (some sizes still on our site), not compared to the current FW14 Escobars and Alma's. They are the same fit as our current sweatpants.
Yes, SL / 01H
It is the same fit, and same material, except for the sleeves. The lamb on the current stadium is very supple and stretches as well. I recommend the same size.
Grey, Black, and Charcoal (the same Charcoal color as the Charcoal Hooded Villain from Midnight)You can see the Charcoal version in the look book images.
The Villain and the LS Extended Mercer are the only extra length pieces in the collection, for those wondering.
Not at all, Jerry's a friend.This whole collection is designed to be merchandized together, the Villain Crew and LS Mercer were elongated to layer under the Stadium Jacket with Reverse Terry.
They are both 3" longer than the current.
Coast will be back in stock in a few weeks.
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