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We do not change or inflate prices based on "hype." Prices are determined at the time of our sales season, which happens at least 5 months before product comes to market, based on the market and runway schedule. We have a network of stockists and this theory is not really possible.
The hoodie does not have rib down the back.
It is only available in this tee and will also come in a Curve tank later on.
Harder to see online but it is quite different from the co-mix. I will try to get a higher res closeup of the knit.
It is JE and it is releasing this season.
Other retailers will have the Cardigans.
The cardigans were made in the United States.
There are Linen and Cotton Cardigans. Tuesday there are two Linen Melange Cardigan in Black and Natural. We are later releasing solid Cotton Cardigans in Black, Natural, and Dark Navy.
^ Natural Melange and Black Melange are both coming Tuesday
These are not my jeans - this pair is an old wash we did. I posted mine a few pages back.
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