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Just place an order on the product page.
We have restocked Hooded Villains in Pitch Black and Hooded Villains in Dark Grey on a preorder basis. They are currently in production and will ship the week of December 8th. You can preorder these items with the pre-sale discount.
The Shadow Lima sweats are the same type of fit as the Escobar.The old duo tone limas are a bigger fit.
It will restock.
Excuse me, they do not. Please use our size guides. The Black / Grey Lima's fit a full size larger.
The Alma size guide is incorrect. It is the same fit.
Tonight at midnight: 20% presale on the full site for 24 hours. Midnight tomorrow night (12:00 am 11/28) the site will open up a new sale section with marked down items that are NOT currently on the site. There will be a new code running through the weekend that will continue to get you 20% off the entire site and will also stack on the discounted sale selections. This will all be very clear on the site on Friday. Again, nothing in the presale will be in the exclusive...
That is correct.
Some more sale details: 20% starts on presale at midnight for everything you currently see on the site. On Friday, a sale section will launch, with a number of marked down products that are not currently available. A 20% Black Friday code will stack on those discounts for the Black Friday weekend. What you currently see will not go on deeper discount than the presale, but there will be a new section Friday of sale items currently unavailable.
We will be sending pre-sale codes to everyone subscribed to our newsletter starting tomorrow, with pre-sale beginning midnight Thanksgiving, followed by our sale on Black Friday. More info to come.
New Posts  All Forums: