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We don't combine or modify orders because it is a logistical problem with the large volume of orders during this weekend. Many other major online retailers have the same policy. Not only is it a logistical problem to unpack and repack orders with so many going through fulfillment, it can mean lost purchases for the customer if the inventory is freed up in the process. I assure you we did not institute this policy to make an extra profit.
It is the same neck.
Web Exclusive Rue Hoodie / Olive + Expo Tees in Charcoal / Dune / Olive now live! Coupon Code JEFW15 still applies until tomorrow night... http://www.johnelliott.co/collections/all
This was part of the runway show but was not produced.
All of FW15 collection has been released.
The only color that went into production was Plaster.
We stand by our products. Please contact info@johnelliott.co if you have a problem and we will take care of you.
That was not a link to our Black Friday promotions.
The size chart on Coast is correct.
It's not stretch.
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