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Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster A couple from a few days ago: And today, first thing on getting out of the cold: The jacket in the second set of pics is the Michael J. Krell linen jawn I picked up a little while ago. That peacoat looks perfect on you. And I'm really digging that linen jacket!
Does price include shipping?
Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha not including thrift i spent 420$ last year. not bad considering i bought 3 rrl, 2 lvc, 1 samurai, 1 sugarcane, and some japanese levis. That's insane...where do you shop?
Are these in-store only or do you ship items as well?
Argh! How do you edit polls? If there isn't a way to do that, then I propose incorporating the word "stilling" into the English vocabulary..
Just interested to know how much people spend on jeans per year.
Quote: Originally Posted by savage They are a great straight leg, with deep dark indigo color, and subtle clean design. Anyway, I'll post more tomorrow.. How much do the Fillipa K. raw jeans go for?
^ Yeah, if you want the dramatic contrast fading you have to go with stuff dyed with natural indigo.
Are these one-wash?
*bump* LESS THAN 24 HOURS TO GO...Offer of 10% of still stands. These are new and definitely authentic.
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