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Quote: Originally Posted by raley Are these size 32? What wash is that, is it sort of like the 3 year in PDC? i.e., lighter? These are size 30. I'd say these are more similar to the 2-year PDC washes, but I don't have any 3-year pairs to compare them to.
Price dropped to $60.
I prefer buttons to zippers. I'm not sure why. Although I certainly wouldn't pass up a good pair of jeans with a zip fly.
I have a wool coat that I'd like to get altered to give it a slimmer fit. (1) Is it a relatively easy thing to do? Could I just look up any decent tailor in the yellow pages and expect him/her to do a good job with it or do I need to do some research to find a good tailor? (2) How much would it cost approximately?
Is x-small a chest size 36, or a 34?
I saw a pair at Value Village a few weeks ago for something like $10...but it was too big at the waist so I didn't take them :S On Ebay now.
^ Could I have close-ups of the converse pair, please? Thanks.
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