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Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB UUhh that was a low blow biaatch!. Yeah, I was in row 15 of the Mighty Kop. United got a slimy free kick and the Mancs got lucky, we molested them for 90 minutes!. Anyway we just knocked Barca out of the Champions League so I'm in a forgiving mood. On a side note is the rumour true that O'Shea is gay?, I heard he's pretty open about it A great song from the Kop last Saturday! "Gary Neville Fucks his mum fucks...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB Great fit, Rye! I'm not usually a fan of torn jeans but those are awesome. I love the whiskering as well. Oh, and sorry about John O'Shea. You must have had a good view of that.
Were there other colours/sizes available wherever you got these from?
All three fits are awesome, each with the poster's own unique style. Hard to choose...Sauce's hassle-free coolness, GS' classic yet bold style, or Lowrey's clean and harmonized fit? I think I'm going to go for Lowery in this round.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB I've got a ticket on the Kop for the game on Saturday v Man U at Anfield, I can't wait!. United will win!
Quote: Originally Posted by Double D A&F is cut so fucking big it's insane. Every measurement on their jeans is at least an inch bigger than an equivalent size Diesel Zathan... higher rise, bigger in the waist, massive thighs, huge knees (which get huger with the knee rips) and a completely needless flare from an already huge knee opening. Yeah, I hate the cut of the A&F jeans. I have a pair of "chuggers" that I got for what I thought was a...
Are there any set criteria? So far I think braidkid and sauce are doing pretty well.
He bought the coat off a seller in Hong Kong, so make of that what you will. Either he got burned, or he's just looking to make a serious profit off the coat. The bidding is already at $115 with three days to go for him to break even on the $140 he probably paid.
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