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I have a new RL Polo Golf sweater in blue made of 100% pima cotton. It's a small size, and a crewneck. I can do $50 plus shipping. Haven't had the time to take pictures as yet, but will if there's interest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque If the cmf marketplace is still open (or will be reopening in a few weeks), I'm interested in any slim fitting vintage l/s westerns, or slim vintage mil stuff you have. Or even paying a decent finders fee if you come across anything in the thrift stores there. Something to keep in mind for those of us less fortunate with quality thrift stores It's not a bad idea...cheap always seems to find great...
Oh man, I wish those were my size.
Is that Paolo Maldini? EDIT: Yep, just noticed it in the picture name.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart tgif GS, I'm really intrigued by your amazing collection of coloured socks. All I have are white, grey and black ones.
Anybody interested?
I have a brand new pair of Puma Mihara MY-14 shoes in the Overcast/Blazing Yellow colorway. They are a size 10 (US). Asking US$115 shipped to Canada, or US$120 shipped to the United States. I can ship overseas but the cost will probably be significantly higher. Shipping will include tracking and insurance. Payment through PayPal please. Sorry, no money orders or cheques. I'm putting up stock photos from Zappos, but will get the actual photos up by this...
There's a couple of legit (AFAIK) Diesel sellers on Ebay who usually will sell stuff from past seasons for clearances prices e.g dailydenim and dieselofmiami.
How much is shipping to Canada?
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