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I don't mind Diesels because they have some nice cuts and washes. I just don't understand the hype around brands like True Religion and SFAM.
Yeah, I see what you mean. That jacket in the link has an awesome fit, btw.
whoa drizzt...are you really that top heavy or is that some kind of camera trick?
Pics up
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason sufu? I emailed the op, I guess we'll be in touch.
How about a slim trenchcoat/raincoat for the summer cut to just above the knee? Something that's made of a light waterproof material but doesn't crease up easily.
Sounds tacky to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini MJK, that hoodie is obscene. Love it. +1 I love the colour!
(3) NWT Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans Colton 30/34 Price: Condition: New with tags; creased at the hems (not sure if intentional or not) from the store as shown in pic. Description: Rigid slim-fit bootcut with button fly. Actual measurements (using BiG method): Waist: 32.5" Inseam: 33.5" Rise: 10" Leg opening: 19" Knee: 17"
I will be posting my for sale items in this thread; please check back for updates. Prices are all in USD and include shipping to the US. For Canadians, the price will be $5 lower. PM me for a quote if you live elsewhere. PayPal or Interac Email Money Transfer. (1) NWT Ralph Lauren Polo Golf Sweater (Small) Price: Condition: Brand New with tags Description: Made of 100% pima cotton. Second picture gives...
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