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Urban Outfitters? It really depends on what your style is, and what do you find cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by modagg it might just be my but when i hear raw denim, i think unsanforized while dry is more of a "one wash" state. Just to emphasize further, it's you.
Quote: Originally Posted by thehoj Can you get an actual measurement of the thigh as well as the rise on the slim jims? I'll order these if the rise and thigh is right for me. +1 Also, how did you measure the waist? BiG method?
Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom Uniqlo single wash at 3mos I like the streakiness of the Uniqlos.
Could you please put up pics of the Levi's skinners?
PRICE DROPS on the cardigan and golf sweater. Now $55 shipped. Also, if you're interested in more than one item, I will of course combine shipping so the price will be lower.
I'm not feeling it.
Reasonable offers are welcome. If you have any questions or would like more pics, feel free to PM me.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Grapist Diesel will probably be around. But Levi's has been around a lot longer. And they haven't always been the most popular, or the best of quality. Just saying, that's all. It depends...I think on the quality issue, Levi's has gone the same way most large-scale clothing brands in general are going...rising prices, but poorer construction and quality. That said, I still think Levi's has one of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo Im having an item sent to me with USPS right now (to Sweden) According to the seller the item was delivered at the post office at the 10th, usps tracking ONLY state that it left the US at the 22nd, and still no trace of it at my end... seriously the slowest shipping ever... In general, I don't find USPS tracking information to be very detailed and often you have no idea where your parcel is till it is...
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