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Levi's recommends dry-cleaning their raw denim, or else it might end up shrinking too much.
Final price drop on the RL Golf sweater! Cardigan no longer available.
This guy seems to be wearing Levi's 317 jeans. Have been sold on Ebay as well:
Velvet peacoat, anyone?
Stuff still up for sale...price drops on all items. More discounts if buying more than one.
How much are the slim fit stretch pants?
Quote: Originally Posted by Confucius If my dress shoes say 44 on them, what's the equivalent US or UK sizing? I think that would be a UK 10 or a US 11.
Scarf looks good, IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Goblin I wasn't sure I should post this here, but my stance is that if any other online vendor were ripping me off, I wouldn't think twice about warning other forum members before they put their funds at risk. The fact that it's a respected forum member ripping me off is secondary as far as I'm concerned. I also made every effort to be cool with cmf and handle things via PM before posting. I've just filed a dispute with...
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