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The Warhol x Levi's jeans pop up at Winners quite often. There's some dude in Toronto who I think buys up a bunch of them and then flips them on Ebay. I got myself a pair from one of the Montreal stores; also managed to find a a pair of Filippa K raw jeans.
I've heard that there are coupons for $30 off a purchase of $100, or $50 off $150. Where can one get such a coupon?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Jacket made from sweatshirt material: Junya Watanabe (for CdG) Call me boring, but I think that jacket would've been a whole lot better if it was just one solid colour. It's still a cool jacket though, and it sounds like a worthy piece of workmanship.
*bump* 24 hours to go
Quote: Originally Posted by zacharydschroeder yeah I'm waiting for them to go on sale because I'm cheap, but aren't Matchsticks like 3x the price? Denimbar has them for $138, which should be even lower with the discount. They occasionally pop up on ebay for under $100 as well, although they're usually the pre-washed ones.
I saw the Williamsburg jeans at the Gap a couple of months ago, and they looked pretty decent. I was hoping they'd go on sale because IIRC they were around CDN$90, and I would've rather spent a little more to get APCs or the Levi's Matchstick jeans.
I've put up an white (not bright, more off-whitish) blazer on ebay. Would make a great casual blazer for the summer. Got this as a gift but it's too big for me; if you need exact measurements, please feel free to PM me. I've listed a few other items as well, and for styleforum members in North America, I can ship for free if you win one or more auctions and the combined total is more than $80. I will be listing...
I'd personally go for the "grey" and "khaki" ones.
Stuff now on Ebay...just over 2 days left! Also on Ebay is a pair of NWT Levi's Capital E Skinners 32x32.
It's a good thing it's on the knee and not in some random place.
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