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I'm naturally slim and haven't really been concerned about my diet till fairly recently. I have to say exercise easily trumps diet as far as staying slim goes. When I used to exercise more often, I could eat whatever I want and still remain slim. Now that I've stopped exercising as regularly, I've been slowly gaining a few ounces on my waistline.
Quote: Originally Posted by ken Salmon jerky. Walnuts. Where can I get salmon jerky from? Sounds interesting, but I don't think I've every seen in an any of the grocery stores I've been to. Is something usually kept in health food stores?
I tend to snack a lot during the day, because I always seem to be hungry. I don't have a weight problem (yet) but I have started to develop a bit of a gut. I'm not ready to give up snacking cold turkey, but I'm looking for suggestions for low-calorie snacks. I usually just snack on fruit if I'm in the mood for something sweet, but it's the high-calorie savoury and salty snacks that I can't stay away from e.g. chips, fries, mini pizzas, etc. Any suggestions for...
Do they have beaver tails down south?
The restriction is already mentioned on their website:
So far only Revolve; all my other online purchases have been through ebay or the BST forums on styleforum, sufu, etc.
I have not ordered from Denim Bar as yet, but I've contacted Mauro and he said that they would be willing to ship via USPS. I don't know if they will mark it as a gift; AFAIK it is illegal to do so. However, if shipped by USPS the brokerage fee is only $5 and customs duties/taxes aren't usually very high; in fact, it's comparable to paying tax on retail items in Canada. If you're purchasing jeans that are made in the US or Mexico, you could ask them to note that on...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Can we pin this? +1
When receiving shipments from the US, I always prefer USPS. The brokerage fees we have to pay for UPS here in Canada often kill the deal. IIRC, it is $30 plus any applicable taxes for UPS, whereas for USPS it is only $5 plus taxes. I'm not sure about other carriers such as Fedex and DHL, but I think they may have the same problem as UPS.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Fucking on the RRDS, cielo. Very nice. +1 The rest of the outfit doesn't do them justice.
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