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It's pretty popular among boarding school athletes everywhere. I've known people from Virginia to Massachusetts that dipped semi-regularly at boarding school. It's basically a substitute for smoking since smoking is not allowed on most campuses. Also, it's very low key since you can just sit there with a gatorade bottle in your room instead of hiding in the woods to smoke or whatever. Also, it's a "healthier" a way to get nicotine since it doesn't mess up your lungs,...
http://www.ferragamo.com/webapp/wcs/.../30214/351326/ $320 Has a clear section for your license, 2 card slots underneath. 5 total car slots, the leather is a little rought, but makes it more durable. I've had mine for 2 years, no compaints...
Quote: Originally Posted by Animal Thug Have you tried custom fit, size L? Yes, chest is fine, but the arm length and shirt length are both too long.
Hey everyone, I know there have been many different threads regarding the fit of each of the various polos. My dilemma is this: I have tons of Custom Fit Medium polos, but the chest size is too tight now, but the Classic fit M polos I bought are actually too big for me. Do any of you know whether a Classic fit S would be a better option?
I don't think there is any scientific evidence for its effectiveness. I believe only creatine has real scientific "proof" of effectiveness. It's in a fair amount of popular pre-workout supplements such as Jack3d, NO Shotgun, White Flood, etc. Definitely gives an interesting feeling when you first take it, google "beta-alanine tingles". I think you should give it a shot, correlation does not equal causation, however, beta-alanine does seem to be an ingredient that...
Depending on how big your spare was compared to its size now it could be extra skin that hasn't tightened up, or just extra water retention from the creatine. I was under the impression that 5g a day of monohydrate was the normal dosing unless one is in a loading phase.
Quote: Originally Posted by star_star_88 Hi All I work at a retail store How do you get to know women who shop there to see if they have a boyrfriend/husband; get to know they are interested in you? How do you get to know them better and possibly ask them for their numbers and/or a date? Is there a difference between approaching a younger lady? An older one? Thank you All I've never worked in retail but here's what I'd...
The Borgata isn't close to the boardwalk at all, but is by far the nicest casino. It supposedly has one of the best clubs in AC and the hottest girls because it's where a bunch of high rollers go.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder As I understand it, Bill's has three different cuts M1, M2 and M3. The M3 is the "slim fit" model which, to me, just fits kind of normal. I've never tried them on, but the other models must be pretty gigantic. The M3 also fits me well, less baggy in the thighs than the slim fit BB khakis I bought a year ago.
I bought a 40S "Lucente" charcoal suit a couple months ago. The only comparison I can make regarding fit is that it is very similar to the slimmest line of Hugo Boss suits of equivalent size, not too sure what they are called though. The Benjamin suit is definitely a superior and less expensive suit compared to the HB I own. No regrets whatsoever.
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