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Quote: Originally Posted by healthcareexec That , I am doing , the question is more of what styles/colors/Brands to wear. If you're 5'11" and 240, you should not worry about buying particularly form fitting clothes yet. Dark colors are always slimming, although harder to pull off in the summer, and stripes should make you look taller and therefore thinner. Try navy/black/dark green/maroon/dark grey polos for casual wear or vertical...
Since you are going to continue dropping weight, I suggest buying cheap stuff and getting them tailored every couple months, or whenever they stop fitting you. Once you are satisfied with your weight, buy higher quality stuff and get that tailored permanently.
RLPL for $38 is like 10% retail, not sure how much a standard used RLPL goes for, but it seems like a pretty good deal to me...
Extra Strength Febreeze for fabric?
No driver option?
I am wondering how efficient one can type on a touchpad keyboard. Every demo video I've seen shows people typing with one finger, maybe two. Anyone with a tablet care to enlighten me on the ease of use of the touchscreen keyboard?
What exactly is the "North American Live Tour"?
You might want to consider starting an upper-body centric weight training program... If you can get your upper body bigger/wider you can buy a suit with a bit less waist suppression and still maintain a V-taper it appears you are trying to achieve now.
This is a UK website but ship to the US...
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