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For the US there has always been the $1,000,000 investment while employing 10 Americans for at least 2 years. Recently there have been a couple changes that allow just investing $1,000,000 in a new or troubled business or a $500,000 investment in an area considered "rural" or an area of high unemployment.I believe Canada only requires bringing $500,000 of assets with you to qualify.
Good Value liquor Vodka - Svedka Bourbon - Benchmark (made by buffalo trace)
I had one for 2 years. Nothing too special. You get a Saks gift card every year equal to $1 per $100 you spend and it has a separate credit limit for Saks store purchases. It did get some double takes from people thinking it was an Amex Centurion on occasion.
I don't think that looks like a basic Caesar honestly. It looks more like what Tom Ford does, really low buzz with his hair pushed forward to try and cover his receding hairline as much as possible without really looking like he's trying to.
I'm actually going to use Leather Honey tomorrow on my mom's 10 year old Natuzzi she's giving me that hasn't ever been cleaned and has been around a dog and cat for 5ish years. I'll let you know how it turns out if you want, or just order a small bottle yourself.
Since you live close to NYC I suggest you go to the Suit Supply store and buy a suit from there. See the website for general knowledge: Suits run from $399-$639. If you are on a really tight budget, I would suggest buying one of the cheaper suits and spending at least $60 on tailoring since you claim to have an awkward body. Make sure to tell them you are in law school and need conservative suits because they do carry a ton of flashier stuff better...
+1 She seems to have pullout out every stupid mind game in the book except the fake pregnancy.
Bill's Khakis M3 fit. I also wear J Crew's normal fit khakis but I believe they have a slimmer fit option as well.
I have a "London Cut" suit from Suit Supply and if you want a very suppressed waist you may want to have the sides taken in even more as I did. It is a great suit for the money though and superior to anything else sub-$800 I've seen. The "Washington Cut" is actually more structured and slimmer and but only comes in peak lapels if that's an issue. The website used to have the drop # for each cut but as of now it looks like they removed that feature.
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