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Thanks for the effort, it was actually a sport coat and not a suit and more of a mid grey. Ended up getting the grey Havana instead.
Anyone know what happened to the grey herringbone Washington fit jacket on the website, looked for it yesterday and it doesn't appear to be there anymore. Any info?
1. Go to a Men's Warehouse and try on a couple suits to figure out his approx size. - Most men tend to be between a 40 and 44. - The jacket should be snug on his shoulders and the correct length (sides can be taken in by a tailor later) - Make sure to note R (regular) S (short) or L (long) for jacket length. 2. If your budget is really only $300-$400 then Suit Supply is probably your only good option (if in or around NYC, Chicago, or DC skip 1. and visit a Suit...
99% of people won't look at you twice for wearing drivers out as opposed to loafers. Although it is true that the little rubber nubs on the bottom wear out very quickly, I tore through a pair of Tod's after about 2 months of walking around a city regularly.
Without a price range, odds are you won't get the response you're looking for.
I'd go with a crisp white shirt and a dark navy/charcoal suit. See below.
Should come in at just under $100
For the US there has always been the $1,000,000 investment while employing 10 Americans for at least 2 years. Recently there have been a couple changes that allow just investing $1,000,000 in a new or troubled business or a $500,000 investment in an area considered "rural" or an area of high unemployment.I believe Canada only requires bringing $500,000 of assets with you to qualify.
Good Value liquor Vodka - Svedka Bourbon - Benchmark (made by buffalo trace)
I purchased a white twill shirt that was on sale a couple weeks ago in a 15.5 Slim and it fits almost perfectly, although I think the Spread collar might work better for me than the Anglo American it came with. One thing I would like to see is the ability to search by collar type: Anglo American, Ledbury Spread, Ledbury Cutaway and Button Down.
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