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well, if you want to go there, then you can say that the finishing on cole haans is almost as good as loake, and then you end up spiraling down.C&J offers a premium product at a premium price. Loakes are a solid, robust entry level GY welted shoe. Just like AE, they last a long time, look good, and wear well, but the fine detailing is lacking, as is commensurate with the price.
ehhh, i'm not so sure about that.
ugh, this is really starting to get old. If you want a shirt that is literally skin tight, go buy some h&m shit, shop in the boys section, or get the bloody thing made to measure. These are business shirts and RTW at that. If you are stupid skinny and you want this skin tight bullshit, you need to tailor your shirts and quit whining.
I was gonna say, 325 eu would be very cheap for C&Js.
not accurate. CT sells lower end lines that are made in india and while still GY welted, the quality of the materials and construction is lower.The luxury line are made in england loake 1880 level.||MC023BRN|||||||||||||
i haven't put on a pair of black shoes in months. I don't care what it is, its better in brown.
also keep in mind that you will get hit with duties on meermin, that could be up to $60 or so
new rey is narrower than the 348. black brogues are useless. The black is very formal, while the brogue is less formal. You end up with a shoe that is again not very versatile. Imho, you need one pair of black shoes (unless you live in london) captoes. I have both of the meermins you pictured above. The brogues fit me much better than the adelaides. That said, they both look very nice.
Loake builds a quality, if not remarkably interesting, shoe. I have a pair of loake for herring and they have held up great. Especially impressive is the very long lasting heel toplift.
As much as I really like CT's products, their sales tactics are freaking brutal.
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