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all of my trousers have at least a .5" slant...but then I don't like much break in the front and can't stand the high wader look.
where might one purchase these items?
Did you ever pull the trigger on these? if so, how'd it turn out?
In my opinion, you could use maybe another half inch on the length. Also, the button stance seems quite high to me.
If this is the case, then CT is the worst marketer known to man. They specifically mention "half canvas construction" for the luxury suits, but not a word for the standard line.Will they let you take pics of them? What is your experience with suits?black label is also the slimmer cut in my experience.
only the luxury suits are half canvas at this point. black label used to be but no longer.The standard lines are fused. Don't be confused by the "floating canvas chestpiece" line...they are fused.
that jacket caused permanent damage to my eyes. You can expect to hear from my attorney.
Eh, its not perfect, but I would at least experiment with changing buttons. Navy blazers are tough with jeans also. Id say with some nice horn buttons, it would go well with chinos and a gingham/checked shirt.
angle it.If you have essentially no break, the trouser will just float over the shoe and may look a bit odd.Angling the hemline allows the trouser to sit cleanly over the shoe while not breaking much in the front.
I feel the market for cheap, fast-fashion style suits (insanely tight, short jacket, tiny lapels, etc) is growing as younger people think they look sharp and dressed up in them. Essentially club/going out gear.This does not translate to bespoke or mtm tailors for the most part.
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