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i'll check tonight
I have something similar going on with my chukkas, but its not nearly that bad.
that toe gap is weird looking
with shipping its not a great deal
all of my trousers have at least a .5" slant...but then I don't like much break in the front and can't stand the high wader look.
where might one purchase these items?
Did you ever pull the trigger on these? if so, how'd it turn out?
In my opinion, you could use maybe another half inch on the length. Also, the button stance seems quite high to me.
If this is the case, then CT is the worst marketer known to man. They specifically mention "half canvas construction" for the luxury suits, but not a word for the standard line.Will they let you take pics of them? What is your experience with suits?black label is also the slimmer cut in my experience.
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