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really dude?just have the bloody thing shortened or buy a tie in a shorter length. that looks terrible along with his LV briefcase.
no worries dude, i can imagine your disappointment. some people flex the shoes to illustrate how the shoe looks while walking.good luck in the resolution.
how the hell should I know what you're doing when taking the pic?
love the snark, but this is really very simple: formal: navy or charcoal suits: solids first, then stripes...leave out the POW and glenplaid white or blue shirts: solids first, stripes later. contrast collars...fuck no, you're not gordon gekko ties: muted, navys, burgundy, dark green, grey, etc shoes: dark brown and black if you must. possibly walnut on a saturday when you're dragging your ass to work: Nightlife: think you're going out? ...
the 1st and third pics don't look very good. Are you flexing the boot in the first pic?
i'll check tonight
I have something similar going on with my chukkas, but its not nearly that bad.
that toe gap is weird looking
with shipping its not a great deal
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