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Buy one mens wearhouse, get 6 free?
if thats you in your avatar, you are doing this look very very badly.bottom line, no, do not do this.
Interesting. Certainly doesn't appear that way in this pic, but I'll take your word:
no, from my experience only bologna or blake shoes have visible stitches on the insole.
for reference, here is a shot of my hallams. If this isn't a leatherboard insole, I don't know what is:
gotta be honest, it sure looks like they do to me. will snap a picture later.disappointing because lower end brands use full leather insoles. It really is sort of the foundation of a GY shoe.
Hey guys, do C&J benchgrades have full leather insoles? It does not appear that way from what I can see. I think the insole on my merton and hallams is leatherboard. If so, somewhat disappointing.
that is all well and good, but doesn't change the fact that those shoes, in that picture, look freaking terrible.
You sir are absolutely ridiculous. They went above and beyond, and you shit all over it like, well, a wanker.Chris, who I've dealt with before, was patient and helpful.Did you want a free handjob as well?jesus.
that whole situation is a bloody disaster. shoes look terrible and those pants...yowzer
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