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I'd argue that unless you are extraordinarily oddly shaped or have severe issues (insanely dropped shoulder, massive humpback, etc), there is an OTR suit that will fit you fairly well out there somewhere. $100 in alterations outside of NYC will get you sleeves, pants length, and some waist supression/looser/tighter jacket. Yes, the shoulders may have a slight dimple and there might be a a wrinkle here or there, but to me, that fits.
out of this lot, redwings. BB is having a 30% off sale as well, so that $340 becomes $238...much more reasonable.
There are sooooo many 100% wool sportcoats out there, if not new, but gently worn, for so little money, there is no point in buying a synthetic blend.
I like the umbrellas but given how windy it is in manhattan, I'm concerned the non vented design will flip inside out shortly and likely render the thing unuseable. experiences?
ferrari F40
nobody cares
pill..not that I've seen (unlike the pima cottons, which do pill a little). The only noticeable stretching I've seen has been on the sleeve cuff. They can tend to stretch, especially if you push up your sleeves to 3/4 length like I occasionally do.
You know what I mean. Obviously a $300 T&A custom shirt would be a lot harder to treat as a throwaway than a $45 CT. So, instead of spending more for the nicer shirt, I accept the lower quality due to teh nature of the use of the product.
both about the same, both made in china. I have sweaters from both in the same size. Fit on the jcrew is a bit roomier and longer, so depends on what you like. quality is mid level for both. They aren't cucinelli, but they last well and look good.
seriously, it starts to get a little obsessive.I buy far cheaper shirts (CT) than I could afford and treat them as disposable. If they last a year or 2, I've more than gotten my use out of their $45 and replace them as necessary.
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