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Navy odd trousers....hate all you want, I find a number of ways to pair these, flannel, worsted, chino, etc. white linen square...pretty much all i wear these days navy barbour quilted jacket well worn baseball cap...not MC, but a great look for the weekends.
congratulations, you don't want to pay a lot of money for a watch. Most people don't want to buy ugly odd vests and look like an idiot, but you do.Its all about priorities.Btw, perhaps you should consider collecting a new couch...yikes.
I got the Ralph lauren norbecks as well. The heel cups are a bit annoying, but I think they look really nice. Quality is meh, but what can you expect for $90.
meh I haven't really found that to be the case. Maybe slightly.
Paul, I was hoping to see you post. Thanks for the info. If you maintain your quality and keep your factory in america, you can definitely keep your loyal following. Not sure though, the synergies between companies. I can't see people who shop at MW buying $300+ shoes. either way, be interesting to see how it plays out. Good luck sir.
I won't go that far. If they maintain the quality and make them in america, I will continue to buy them. If they go the way of florsheim and Johnston&Murphy, I'm out.
some white makeup and red lipstick:
you realize other stores exist right? what about charles tyrwhitt slim fit in a 36 or 38?
if you wanted to lose it all, you could just give it to me:happy:
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