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anybody going to the event tomorrow at their NYC store?
no clue what these things cost, but bottom line, they are pretty crappy. From what i magine, you are talking about wool blends (to be stretchy for that tight fit), poorly constructed, too short, etc. If you like the tighter shorter suit idea, I would look for a new or slightly used jcrew ludlow on ebay. The quality of materials and assembly are better and it will just look and feel a whole lot better.
navy, white shirt, burgundy tie
This is great news. If you can't tell the difference or don't care about the details (i really couldn't care less if the shirt is hand stitched), then you can live life knowing that you are fine with inexpensive BB shirts. I do the same with my CT shirts. I've purchased $300 shirts. Sure the fabric may feel a little nicer and the buttons are nicer, but it really has very little impact on my life and I can find much better things to spend the $250 difference on.
oh dear god.please child, shut your mouth (keyboard?) as you just continue to make yourself look foolish.I'm about 50% city suits, 25% country suits, and the remainder in all of the remaining categories (save the last one) depending on my mood.
I'm not sure this is much of an argument. Some people I work with wear the same cheap bullshit shoes that get ripped on here. Bass, steve madden, etc etc. They have worn the same pair for as long as 3 years, and that is wearing the same shoe almost every day. Price was in the $35 to $75 range. Considering a cheap resole is about $90, there is no question the better economic move is to keep buying the cheap shoes. I've never seen a pair fall apart in 7 to 9...
I think it has more to do with age. Women over the age of say 35 may recognize and appreciate quality shoes on a man. I work with hundreds of 20s to 30s professional women in NYC. They tend to dislike squared toe shoes, but if a guy put on a $70 pair of aldo wingtips, they would likely think the dude is looking sharp. They seem to like my C&Js as well, but not any more or less than the cheapie wingtips. I also think most women think that GQ represents the pinnacle of...
Yeah, don't think so. Most women care more about the time you met Jay-z than that you may have on a pair of handcrafted G&Gs.
you just realized this?
on the other hand, they have been fiddling about with a lot of cheaper, fugly, and just plain unusual models lately. I understand the need to expand the market, but bright blue suede mcneils?AE is a conservative business shoe. I think they should expand on that...possibly even with a line above the independence collection.Also, this entrance into clothing has been a total bust.
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