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an epic disaster if i've ever seen one.
slap some cream polish on there an it'll be fine.
what specifically about the trousers concerns you?
honestly, with the quality and service of kent wang, I don't see the need to pay more for a suit at this point. impressive.
Charles Tyrwhitt, Black Label and the Luxury line B&M stores: Online and in several us cities...unsure of selection in B&M Online shopping: worldwide Main SF thread: dozens, most focused on shirts Style: CBD primarily, with some sharkskin, DB, and GP/Houndstooth thrown in. Slim and regular fits Construction: half canvass
yellow/brown is hideous to the max. Navy and maroon are your best choices.
I agree with the above. You can wear shorts and be well dressed, as it fits the occasion. As noted, slim fitting, 1 to 2 inch above the knee, no accoutrements. I like a reddish chino short with a lightweight chambray shirt and driving mocs.
wanted to update this thread after a bit of use. Very pleased with the brushes. They are smaller so they fit nicely into the palm of your hand. I still use my AE and kiwi brushes as well, but these are nice go tos, especially in tight areas. Also, after opening the mid brown polish, I found that some of the polish had melted or evaporated. I dropped a note to herring and they responded quickly to let me know they would be sending a new tin at no charge. This folks,...
charles tyrwhitt. 3 different fits and nice non-iron twill material.
not a fan of that look if im honest
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