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i haven't put on a pair of black shoes in months. I don't care what it is, its better in brown.
also keep in mind that you will get hit with duties on meermin, that could be up to $60 or so
new rey is narrower than the 348. black brogues are useless. The black is very formal, while the brogue is less formal. You end up with a shoe that is again not very versatile. Imho, you need one pair of black shoes (unless you live in london)...black captoes. I have both of the meermins you pictured above. The brogues fit me much better than the adelaides. That said, they both look very nice.
Loake builds a quality, if not remarkably interesting, shoe. I have a pair of loake for herring and they have held up great. Especially impressive is the very long lasting heel toplift.
As much as I really like CT's products, their sales tactics are freaking brutal.
so the tag tells you what to do, but you want to ignore it? if there is any doubt, dry clean
you're not gonna do much better RTW at that size.
man, u like to cut it close just to ensure you wont' look very good huh? Just go to mens wearhouse and hope that they can at least tailor it for you in your 2 hour time window. why some people make things harder on themselves, I'll never know.
retail bank positions have absolutely unreal turnover. Its unfortunately not a very desirable job.Even so, 3 cheap (and I mean DIRT cheap) suits would be the way to go.This situation cries out for Lauren by Ralph Lauren or similar. You can get them for like $150 and since their black, if they fit even remotely, no one will notice or care.
i'd tell the guy to his face that this suit looks like shit.
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