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yuck.I wear a square regularly. 95% of the time its a white linen tv fold. the remainder are varying shades of white, blue, burgundy etc.
can I have a quote for a 10.5d burnished brown strand? thanks.
a three piece suit is way over done based on the stated dress code. Tweed jacket, trousers, light sweater...done.
While I personally have not had any issues in my transactions with Jamison, he is really hosing himself. These complaints about communication do not go unnoticed.communication is extremely important in an online transaction (or really any transaction). Most people will forgive any number of evils (late shipping, out of stock items, delayed return credits, etc) if the business communicates openly and honestly.If this lack of communication continues, he will see business...
dark denim is my favorite with this. beyond that, I don't have much use for it.
briefs haven't been in style for decades. nasty.
wait, grey pants, a blue blazer and a black tie? the black tie is a bad idea here if you ask me.
actually quality of construction and materials is also an opinion.The AE shoe isn't much better, but the lack of the austerity wingtip helps. I don't see anyone singing the praises of that shoe either. Just so we're clear, the shoe is not ugly because its CH, its ugly cause its ugly.
right. Everybody knows its xmas time. wearing small pieces of red and green can work nicely and really add to a holiday theme. Getting crazy with loud ties, mixed up pocket squares, etc, will just make you silly. Moderation is the key here. Less is most definitely more.
black pants, black shoes, grey herringbone blazer, white shirt, dark green tie, red socks. done and this way you won't look like a clown.
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