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not real.the linked site is getit-shop and none of the links are clickable except the login.
fit is fine. just dont tie so tight
tie is nice, but may not look very good with a grey suit depending on how close the shades are. The pattern on the toe of the shoes is horrific. If this is a business setting, find some different footwear
I could use burnished brown strands in a 10.5d thanks
pair of sneakers or llbean slippers (look like moc/boat shoes) I don't like walking around in socks or barefoot
I have over a dozen of the white twill and have no issues with them being thin. Consider some grey undershirts if you really find this problematic.
I find my CT shirts of more than adequate thickness.
thats odd. I'm 6ft 180ish and i wear the extra slim fit from cT and find them to fit but not be tight. The classic fit has gotta be huge.
oh for gods sake with the "woman in need" bullshit. Women have purses...95% of the ones I've met have at least one tissue in there. I'm not sure what ridiculous scenarios you guys have drafted in your minds about some damsel in distress, but you aren't fred astaire and this isn't 1955. Its a complete non issue.
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