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Someone needs to put me out of my misery and kop those Black Shell Canterburys!
I inquired, but he said he couldn't disclose the information. As long as it's not going to impact their production of museum calf shoes, I'm happy.
Per my JL SA today, they had switched to a different tannery for museum calf about a year ago. Keeps me from panic buying some things on my wish list for now.
I'm actually planning on meeting up with Nick...just trying to finalize the dates and see if I can sneak away from work to attend some of Magic.
I'm surprised the Bordeux Oxfords aren't being picked up as much. Granted, I would have preferred the Rioja myself in my size, but it's a damn elegant shoe.
I contemplated the Oxford and Cambridge and would have kopped the Rioja Oxford if it had been my size. Luckily someone put me out of my misery on the Oak Cambridge I was eyeing.
You know a thread is on fire when people are enabling others to the point of doing GBP to USD conversions for them.
Watching this thread starting last year was really what got me really interested in buying more English shoes from across the pond and had regretted not jumping in on the Miller order at the time. Shame to see the unmet expectations on wait times from AS. I think G&G MTO and Carmina MTO have benefited from the exodus of interest in AS MTO.
I caved and picked up the Wigmore in Rioja/Burgundy grain. I've been coveting this particular boot for some time and the chance to get it at any discount was too difficult to pass up. They'll be my first pair of Bal boots. At least I held strong and didn't add a pair (or 2) of St. James II to that order, though now I'll likely just start obsessing over them now that I didn't kop.
I'm about to pick up those Wigmores as well....trying to fight the temptation to add some St. James II on top of them...
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