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Leatherfoot is priced just under $200 less than Leffot comparably. If they end up having a sale, I may be tempted to go on another buying spree.
Excellent pick-up Roger! I agree with Stitch...there's never anything 'old hat' about a pair of Rioja Wigmores. I'm waiting on a pair from Nick myself. Leatherfoot is definitely pricing these competitively and I do like the Wensum soles they've used. Enjoy and wear in good health!
Are these and the Navy Donegals in stock at the SM store? I'm going to try and come up this weekend to try them on and see if I can fit Walt or if I need to join the Rudy chant...
Couldn't agree more on the finishing by Nick vs. the pairs I picked up at Barneys. Unless it's a "can't pass up deal" like the Barneys clearance was, I can't see myself buying G&G from anyone but Nick in the future.
I've been contemplating what to use on Cedar as well. Havane is available as a polish (34) and is labeled as Tobacco on Hanger Project's site, but on the tin it is labeled Havane/TabakBrown. As I'll likely be using Mahogany for my Cherry Burnhams, I am leaning towards Havane for the Cedar Burnhams as, like you, I want them to lean more toward brown than red.
Trying to catch up on posting pics of purchases from the last few weeks...and a TF tie acquired from Spoo a few months back that I keep meaning to post.First off some TF ties [[SPOILER]] Couple of paisleys [[SPOILER]] Some sport shirts [[SPOILER]] Some cashmere for the fall [[SPOILER]] Couple of dress shirts.... [[SPOILER]] And finally on to the good stuff...both courtesy of Malford of London.RLBL Cashmere Daniel twill jacket [[SPOILER]] And really the prize for me...my...
Was definitely a great time as Vegas always is for me. I learned quite a bit from Nick and was awesome to handle some shoes up close that I've always been curious about, especially the Stingrays. I know Nick made a few good contacts already by the time I had stopped by so I hope the trip ends up being lucrative for him.The hall for the shoe booths alone was massive, but I can easily say from all the booths I passed on the way to Nick and back out that he had easily the...
My only 2 pair of suede shoes to date are G&G care of the Barneys clearance...the St. Tropez in Mole Suede and the Arran in Polo suede. Love them both, but my only suede shoe that I covet these days is a Carmina captoe that I found floating around on Pinterest and belongs to an SFer. I intend to hunt them down when I'm in Paris this October at the Carmina store.
Nice shooz Triple D! Excellent SC's, JRD! I'm behind on posting some recent acquisitions so there'll be an incoming compilation post from the last few weeks when I get back home from Vegas this week.
Stitches, you make me regret not pulling the trigger on those St. James...mostly because I really want mole suede. Congrats on your excellent kops! So since I'm not going to have time to visit Bespoke England while I'm in London in October, I decided to come to Vegas to visit St. Nick at his booth at Magic! It was great to meet him in person....very gracious with his time and a true gentleman all around. Was an absolute pleasure! Here's some quick iPad pics of the...
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