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I was thinking the same thing. How do you get that much wear on the waist in 2 wears unless you're walking in gravel for 2 days straight?
They look great out in the wild!
I'm going to try and stay strong and not pick up those Oakhams...partially because I still favor JL Chapels for that style and partially in case Nick decides to put the St. James II into the sale as I'd want to KOP 2 colors of those...
Can't wait to see pics of the ensuing haul!
Gotta love it when an unplanned plan comes together.
Ditto. The potential pain of too narrow a fit outweighs the deal you'll get.
Seeing the color on those Cognac shell chukkas just serves to remind me that I can't wait for the Jumper Boot MTO to get finished!
The Mahogany and Cloud calf are standout bookends in that collection! Kudos.
Someone needs to put me out of my misery and kop those Black Shell Canterburys!
New Posts  All Forums: