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I think a few of us are awaiting some kind of real update. Hearing at the 11th hour that Horween just didn't have enough shell doesn't really tell us how much it's been delayed.
Agree with Roger...quite stunning. I don't usually associate SC with shell...may have to consider that make-up for a future MTO.
If this is the Jumper boot with dark cognac shell that I'm a part of, I'm a bit disappointed. As the last update given a few weeks ago said it was targeted for end of October completion, I would expect a delay due to shortage of shell to have been noted much earlier in the process and not a week prior to the targeted completion.It is what it is, I suppose.
I'd never thought of getting an all-suede bal boot before....until now. Kudos Roger...those are spectacular.
I envy those who got to visit with Phillip Carr at LSBH last weekend. Sadly I had to cancel last minute. Guess I'll have to wait until next year now. as, based on everybody's commentary, I definitely want to get fitted by Mr. Carr for my next pair of StC.
Flake...it just seems to work out that way for me. Fit is such a personal thing as evidenced by so many threads. All of my G&G outside of 2 pair of loafers on the KN14 last are boots in DG70, MH71 and TG73....I do have flat feet and maybe the extra half size up helps in the toebox for me. I think I fall between sizes anyway so in boots I can get away with it. So I wear 10.5UK in the boots and 10UK in my loafers. You'll only really know once you try them on for yourself.
Haven't seen a model yet that's caught my eye...grail items you just know when you see them. I'm sure my visit with Phillip Carr at the StC trunk show tomorrow will open up a world of options.
Thanks G and Dan....I'm quite thrilled with them. Now I need a new grail boot to covet.
Thanks, Laufer. We actually have a deal...I have to wear every new shoe purchase out with her for the first time on a nice dinner. As we're headed to London/Paris in less than a couple of weeks, those dinners are about to come due in a big way.These are the Vintage Rioja/Burgundy Grain pair and the lining is definitely burgundy. Funny enough, for all my G&G boots I actually size up a half a size and they all fit quite comfortably on me in DG70, MH71 and TG73 which these...
X-post from the G&G thread. I'm quite ecstatic to join the Wigmore club as these have been my grail boots since I first saw pictures of them. Shout out to Nick as usual for his always excellent service. Quite a way to start my weekend as I get to visit with Phillip Carr tomorrow at Leather Soul. It will be difficult working the rest of the day with these guys staring at me from my desk whispering "take us out somewhere nice."
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