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I received and sent back the majority of items that I took advantage of during their 40 + 40 glitch that occurred serendeipitously while I was online after midnight on 5/27 when they switched promos to the 40% sale. While I've bought a lot of RLBL over the years, I'm thinking this change to merge RLBL and RLPL might not be a bad thing. The suits, sport shirts, etc. I returned were all RLBL because the quality was just lacking this time around for me. That said, the RLPL...
To me BL and PL are such different brands with very different fits and audiences, though I buy from both. I'm interested to see if some PL cuts trend slimmer and where the price point lands. The dichotomy in pricing between PRL and PL is a pretty big gap today.
Ohhhh....that JLC!!!
If you want to put in a little effort, you can call around to the flagship and RRL stores for whichever items you're watching since they have the 40% off marked sale prices which are often lower than advertised online.. I've gotten some nice RRL, RLBL AND RLPL pieces for a total of 75% off when all said and done when phone ordering around. Stock is limited and the shipping charge is $15 flat, but well worth it in the end for me. Gotta call early when they open, though,...
+3My SA at South Coast hits me up with every little detail and has always gone above and beyond to source for me even if the sale item is out of my size locally.
I actually almost picked those, but my girl liked the teardrop aviators better on my face.
I missed out a couple seasons back on the Fidel in Loden burnished calf...double kopping was my way of over-compensating.But hey, if you wanna trade off the dubDecokop for the dubFidelkop....
Haven't contributed much lately, but here are some highlights of the last couple of weeks. First up, the GMTO Carmina Cognac Shell Jumpers. And taking advantage of the deep discount RL sale, couldn't pass up the Fidel hiking boots in calf and loden suede. Probably not to a lot of SF members' tastes nor are they practical for someone who lives in So Cal, but now I have more incentive to get to Park City and to the Alps this year. Unfortunately I lost daylight just...
Dan, thanks for the recommendation. I do have the dark brown #05 of the Saphir Cordovan shoe cream, but I don't want accidentally darken them so I guess I'll have to place an order with Kirby. How did your Jumpers turn out?
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