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I put my shell Jumpers to their paces right away and have been wearing them quite a bit since they arrived. The great...the color was stunning and the shell gave that dark cognac the kind of glow you look for. The Oscar last is just perfect for a boot...very comfortable and roomy while maintaining a very sleek shape. They've broken in quite nicely and I'm quite happy with them overall. It's just a great value for the price paid on a shell boot. The not so...
Congrats...those look stunning! I can't wait to get mine as well...trying to be patient.
Was it USPS as the final carrier? Mine cleared customs on the 8th and no update since so I'm left to guess when they arrive here in Cali.
Beautiful shoes Gus!
Excellent news! Can't wait to get these stateside...
+1 Best news I've gotten this week so far!
Hopeful as well. Fingers crossed.
I've thought about the St. James in Mole Suede...but these may make me change my mind. Excellent choice as always!
Definitely very welcome news about the Jumper boots!
I see this and regret a little that I didn't pull the trigger on those black shell Canterburys during Nick's summer sale. I need some black shell in my life.
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