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I have 2 pairs of Burnhams with 2 more MTO's on their way in the next month or so. Of the two I own, one is TG73 in Cedar and the other MH71 in Cherry. The only DG70 I own is a pair of sude Arrans. Of those 3 lasts, I much prefer the MH71 and the 2 MTO's were ordered in that last. To each their own, but for me personally the MH71 is the most balanced last aethestically. Best of luck in your purchase. The Burnhams are my absolute favorite G&G boot and easily the most...
I just got mine last night. I tried to take a photo in RAW without flash but it still lightened up the color from what it is. Suffice it to say, these are darker and so much better looking in person than photographed...well at least when photographed by me. Congrats again Steve and thank you for delivering on this GMTO. This grey pair of Galways has exceeded my expectations.Cheers!
I went for 2 pairs of Burnhams in MH71. One in the extreme Beluga patina and the other in pearl grey.
Thanks Gyasih....I was quite lucky when the sale rolled around that they had a pristine pair in my size. I really didn't need another pair of black chukkas as I'm quite happy with my C&J Tetburys, but they were just too beautiful to pass up!
I took a 1 year sabbatical from work and subsequently this thread, but now back to work and back to contributing to the economy. Here are some highlights. Canali light grey leather and slate grey suede lousy iPhone pics don't do them justice Some Barba summer shirts and a really nice Borrelli courtesy of ShopTheFinest...the Borrelli (and others) aren't up on the site. They're a bit pricier, but the hand on them is excellent. And even though this...
Thanks for the response...I figured it was a long shot.
Any 9.5UK Willoughby available in the grey?
Whichever of you guys double kopped the Jermyn III in black suede and parisian brown misty at SCP for the pre-sale.....well played. I should have picked one of them up while I was in there nabbing the St. Crepin 2012 last week, but I went back today and found out they were gone.
Yeah in hindsight I probably should have loaded up on more RLPL for the heck of it, but I wasn't really prepared when it happened. I was actually in the process of making a purchase with the previous discount code when literally all the new sale for RLBL/RLPL lit up with 40% so I put an item in my cart and lo and behold...40+40. Timing is everything.
One was the pindot and the other was the charcoal plaid. I had a chance to feel the charcoal plaid at the RL store before mine arrived so I wasn't that surprised when I didn't like the feel of it. Beyond that, it just didn't seem to have the same drape/fit I've had in the past with Anthony.
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