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No doubt, the "sale" price was already wonderful so I have been contemplating a few days but when I logged in and put them in my cart today they were almost paying me to buy them . I pulled the trigger and if I was dead sure on the fitment of the 5 last I would have got the Park Aves. as well. I want to wear both pairs that I will have for a few weeks to make sure they both fit well. If they do I will wait for another sale to pick up the other pair.
Cold Iron brings this up a lot about AAFES (Military Exchange) but as a special heads up for active and retired military, for today only they are having a special code that gives you $29 off of every $100 spent. I just picked up the walnut strands at an amazing price. I might call and have the Park Aves. added to my order. It is a one time use code per eligible sponsor.
I am on my personal laptop and not a pleat was seen that day......
Thanks to both of you for sharing. I do have overpronation and wear a ProStep insert with them.
I just recently got my first pair of AEs and went with the Kenilworth. I went and tried on various sizes and went with a 9D. They fit amazing, as far as comfort, and I wore them for a few hours with no issues. Right around the ankle, if I look down at them while walking and pull my pant leg up slightly, I can see a bulge of the leather as I press down on my heel. Like the soft leather in that area flexes in and out because my ankle area is more narrow than the top of...
I think there is an acquaintance that frequents the same thrift stores he does and picks them up to sell again on various websites. He was giving you guys a heads up that they will probably be coming available soon.
I am in the military in the U.S. and until recently it has been the exact opposite for me. I have to wear the same uniform daily, clean and unsoiled, and would look forward to coming home and not having to meet a standard. Throwing on something without having to be inspected was a stress reliever for me.
Cool. Thanks guys, I picked up the 3-piece today. It is still in perfect condition and is a great looking suit (to me at least).
Quote: Originally Posted by Flimsychicken ^^^Not sure about that label. Can you post a picture? I'm a little tied up studying for the bar, so I may not be able to respond right away. Photo: Good luck on the bar.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flimsychicken Care to elaborate? Just curious about the foundation for which you made the above statement. HF may be a bad buy at $1500, considering with a little effort one can get a RLPL on sale or at least a RLBL at close to retail price. But at the discounts that one buy HF suits, its hard to find a more quality suit, imo. Flimsychicken did you see my quote asking you a question a few posts up?
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