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Just bought this today 55% wool. good weight and fit for $40 Comes in the same colors as the shawl cardi. Everything is definitely bigger at uniqlo this year.
Nah those with the selvedge pockets def aren't raw and are really thin. They have two new pairs of mij this year which are twice the price, not sure if raw. Also I picked up some new seasons oxfords, thicker than last year and sizes run a little larger.
Itsinmyjeans [[SPOILER]]
My friends aren't relationship guys, three girls a week life. Although how much money do you guys spend on your girls? My girlfriend is a student (22) Im 28 and pay for everything, last thing i bought her was a marc jacobs bag, i value relationships and put in the work, and am generally rewarded, but how far can I take it? I never expect anything but a thanks, am i the free ride rollercoaster? she doesn't think like that, but I was the best Ive been from the start and now...
Hey SF, I need some advice, whether I should stick with this girl, How much stock do you place in what your friends say about your relationship? Like if they say drop her do you listen?
Quote: Originally Posted by driveslowk Forget about Frank Ocean, The Weeknd is where it's at. Listen to "Wicked Games" Yeah, I listen to The Weeknd more overall, my girls more into Frank Ocean. New Pictureplane is awesome.
hahaha, the greatest thing about living with technology is the block call/spam message setting. I block any weird girl after a week, fucks with my new shit in a big way, easiest just to cut them off, even after dating chicks for a while, we'll split, and i'll block them, i hate getting that late night call when your moving on with someone else. too many dudes get screwed because of technology that wasn't here 5 years ago, "hey why is that girl messaging you?" type...
I usually dig the last movie i made it to the end, which was Diner, so good. overall, anything by Paul Thomas Anderson, Terrance Malick, or the Coen Bros. There will be blood, Boogie Nights, Miller's Crossing, Fargo, Punch Drunk Love, Hard Eight and a couple of David Lynch films were great. lately The town, and The Social Network, Inception, I've remembered. oh and Knocked Up. Dark Night is probably the movie I've watched the most times, and it...
when people use hashtags in their status updates, that aren't linked through twitter. "#.....bullshit" "..hey dude you have a twitter" "nah cuzz, twitter sucks" also Hipinion has a wicked thread on Facebook disasters
like these shorts i'm not sure if the link will work, anyway, nice shorts, light with thin pinstripes, fit is slim and comes with a nifty tie/belt hahaha, well take that off. but they're alright i reckon. and the only shorts i'm wearing with consistency last summer and this summer too, it seems.
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