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Low BIN for a pair of suede C&J - they look ready for the bin but if you have a competent cobbler you could probably make them presentable again. Good price for a new Dunhill pochette (a la Permanent Style), if you think you can carry it off.
Reasonable BIN for a Brioni cashmere sleeveless sweater, just note the damage.
Quote: Originally Posted by kungapa Someone should get them. They look to be in great condition, and the price is amazing. Kopped. I'll offer them back on here if the fit doesn't work.
Quote: Originally Posted by benjamin831 Does anyone know when we will be able to contact them regarding the inventory they have in the Factory Sale Shop? And will this be a similar arrangement to Lobb - ~25% off retail except for a couple of weeks of the year when they clear remaining stock out at deep discount?
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle The SA bought out a pair of those Tom Ford Brown Croc shoes which were doing the rounds in all of the advertising splurge (guy standing in a puddle). They were ex-display (only pair they had) £6500 down to £1300 size 9. Some guy purchased them instantly. They had a pair of black croc oxfords in the sale when I was there on the 27th, I forget who made them - £4890 ticket price, down to about £700....
Does anyone know if Budd and Cleverley still have sales on? T Fox on London Wall have a sale on now - lots of SF-approved items including suits and sportcoats with spalla camicia, some well-designed Grenson shoes, knit and heavy silk printed ties, cashmere-blend waterproof topcoats etc. All 50% off. Good stock levels when I was in there earlier.
The quote in the title is from this article in yesterday's Guardian newspaper. It's raised an issue I've wondered about before. Do the lay public believe a Savile Row suit is far more expensive than it actually is - they look at the price of designer labels and assume SR must be dearer? I ask because I find it galling that a tailor can be happy being quoted in the mainstream press stating his prices are cheaper (indeed much cheaper) than the Row when £3500 is...
Quote: Originally Posted by chenzhongbi It was too late when I read this thread. The auction ended. Since it received 0 bid, the seller might relist it. Is it priced reasonably for a CB suit? CB used to make for RLPL so quality is top-notch. The photos of that suit are pretty poor and from the label it's very old. The neck also looks very wide for a 38 (look how its sitting on the hanger) and I can see no evidence of waist suppression (CB...
First combo is too busy - if I saw that IRL my snap judgement would be that you'd chosen a shirt and tie in the dark. The second combo looks good to me, though others may consider it too conservative. IMHO, a pink gingham shirt is never conservative.
Sulka Vicuna robe / dressing gown.
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