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A pair of John Lobb UK9 in what seems to be museum calf - somewhat sparse listing means these may fly under the radar.
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 I have several friends from the UK and what I've noticed with them that they don't have nearly as many suits as I do but the ones they have are all high quality. Then they wear them until they fall apart - at which point they fix them and wear them until the pants look like chaps. After that they wear the jacket as a sportcoat and use the pants to make tea kettle covers. Hmmm, I've just got to this stage...
Non-cordovan Shipton & Heneage jodphur boots for low BIN
Giveaway BIN of £14.99 on a 40 Short Chester Barrie blazer
F R Tripler Gorsart (wore my suit today and got a compliment - amazing soporific grey herringbone from 6ft, with turquoise, red and yellow windowpane overchecks from 2ft) +1 on Chester Barrie; the quality of their full-fat current range is still close to their historic output, but the old stuff is massively underappreciated.
I purchased this recently to see if I could make it work for me, but it's just going to require too much work. It's made by a tailor who I can't seem to find anything more about, but hopefully the photos will demonstrate the quality - everything is handsewn and incredibly neatly so. Button fly, side adjusters on the (cuffed) trousers. Condition is excellent; I can see no wear (stains, pulls, holes etc). Measurements are as follows: 21" pit to pit 19.5" jacket...
Low BIN for a pair of Kilgour black suede loafers - reputedly C&J handgrade.
Low BIN for a frankly odd BNWT Bamford & Sons jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by Staatsoper Looks real enough to me, and I probably have had two dozen Hermes ties over the years, although a somewhat offbeat pattern for them. Yep - another vote for genuine. I think it's great, I'm not a huge fan of the slightly whimsy animal patterns they're more reknowned for.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Wow! Those look fantastic! Burnt Pine color I take it? How does the 32 last fit? Is it a fairly wide last similar to the 202 or on the more narrow side like the 82? From the look of your photo, it seems almost like a cross between the two lasts. Yes, I think they're burnt pine. The 32 is a narrow last - certainly compared to the 202. I don't own anything on the 82 last, but compared to other manufacturers...
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