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C&J Eaton suede loafers £35 BIN
Another good BIN on a 40S Chester Barrie blazer.
Thrifting is half luck and half knowledge. I got the luck side today - out doing some shopping, and I wasn't planning to pop in on the thrift because I went last weekend and this one is expensive and slow to rotate their stock. I'm glad I did though - I came out with a Kilgour flannel suit in grey with a blue and yellow pinstripe - fit is pretty good with only a couple of small alterations needed.
Great BIN for a Chester Barrie suit - it looks in great condition from the detail shots, but puzzlingly there's no overall photo.
£15 BIN for Brioni trousers - Brioni
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Be like SimonC -- Whitehouse Cox grooming set: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT
Bump and a price drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ So would these be like a 11.5D US? Or more like a 11.5 E? Well they're a UK F which equates to a US D, but the Trickers country lasts are reputed to be roomy (no personal experience) so perhaps one size up - 12D?
Bottom of the page - Trickers Lancaster 'Tramper' in a UK 11F for £140; these have been selling on eBay for £210 in the past week: http://www.solelyshoes.com/acatalog/11.html
Quote: Originally Posted by marin Recrafted EG Windermere UK9 GBP200 BIN Thanks - I got the pair of Berkeley also listed. The seller will accept reasonable offers (see completed listings for examples) and I don't think I paid much more than the cost of the resole.
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