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Quote: Originally Posted by marin Measurements for #6? Sorry - 30" waist, 37" inside leg (unhemmed)
Quote: Any ideas where amongst the shops listed here I should try? Not sure if it'd matter, but I'm a US8. I'd agree that you should increase your budget - you'll get something for £100 in Northampton, but the train there and back will be about £20. Martin-Stone or John Rushton (addresses on p1) have shoes starting within your budget, but it's pot-luck whether they have anything to suit your taste and size. That said, John Rushton always seem to...
CashCo cords OHPF
Right, I've got too many pairs of trousers in my wardrobe which I'm not likely to wear. Everything is located in London, England but I'm happy shipping worldwide at cost. Indicative shipping cost is £4-7 per pair for Airmail to the US depending on whether they're summer or winter trousers. 1. Hackett 100% cotton khaki trousers, button fly, single pleated. 30" waist, 33.5" inside leg plus 3" turned up. Hemmed, but only worn once £15 2. Gieves & Hawkes cotton &...
One of the stores today was chock-full of lovely small-label handmade Italian jackets and suits, but all way too big for me. Nonetheless, I managed to find one Borelli and one Barbera shirt for a reasonable price.
Bump and a price drop to £200 shipped.
All these shirts have been laundered and pressed by Jeeves of Belgravia; First up is a Brioni for Barneys New York - white with a very fine herringbone to it, a 16.5" collar with French cuffs in excellent condition and no identified flaws. $45 shipped worldwide Next is an Interno8 'Caputi' white shirt with a blue double collar and 2-button barrel cuffs, with a 15.5" collar. Overall good condition, but with a small pull to the front of the shirt (could easily be...
Quick - Loro Piana Amboseli suede jacket, BIN for £59.99 - Loro Piana
Quote: Kilgour travel slippers: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT Just to note that someone is flipping these from the recent Kilgour sample sale, where they were £30/pr but sold out pretty quickly.
I had a similar UPS experience recently - Express (2-day) shipping from the UK to the US, and the parcel vanishes into thin air once it hits customs. 48 days of holding my breath later, and a lot of telephone calls to UPS, the parcel was located and delivered...
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