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Great BIN for a Chester Barrie suit - it looks in great condition from the detail shots, but puzzlingly there's no overall photo.
£15 BIN for Brioni trousers - Brioni
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Be like SimonC -- Whitehouse Cox grooming set: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT
Bump and a price drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ So would these be like a 11.5D US? Or more like a 11.5 E? Well they're a UK F which equates to a US D, but the Trickers country lasts are reputed to be roomy (no personal experience) so perhaps one size up - 12D?
Bottom of the page - Trickers Lancaster 'Tramper' in a UK 11F for £140; these have been selling on eBay for £210 in the past week: http://www.solelyshoes.com/acatalog/11.html
Quote: Originally Posted by marin Recrafted EG Windermere UK9 GBP200 BIN Thanks - I got the pair of Berkeley also listed. The seller will accept reasonable offers (see completed listings for examples) and I don't think I paid much more than the cost of the resole.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Holy Geez! What were the sizes on the suits? If any of those were close to a 42 or 44 R or L, I'm interested. Most of the bespoke stuff was about a 40 short with what seemed like compensation for someone with a pot belly.
I don't understand what form of translation fail could produce "Cote da Sure" in place of what should be Cote d'Azur. Then, I don't understand what form of design fail could produce this:
I ran a couple of errands across town today and popped into a couple of shops I don't usually get to. I didn't buy anything. However, I took a couple of pics of things to show the frustration that can occur when you see lovely items that simply won't fit. I'll also clarify that prices here in London are substantially higher than most of you are used to. Bespoke Tommy Nutter black mohair suit with a red pinstripe: Loro Piana pure cashmere overcoat by...
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