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Quote: Originally Posted by f.clever @lovelux, thanks! I going to order a number of these ceder shoe trees and probably some Saphir products, I will give an update when it is in. If anyone is considering those shoetrees they are £17.50 at Jones the Bootmaker in the sale
Lovely midweight (~12oz) RLPL grey pinstripe two piece suit with lots of great classic English touches - ticket pocket, side adjusters and change pocket on the trousers. Fully canvassed with handsewn buttonholes. Three button SB with two working / two sham cuff buttons, double-pleated trousers with cuffs, braces buttons and buttoned side adjusters. Condition is very good - no discernible wear, stains (well, pockets are a bit shaded) or holes. Measurements: Jacket Chest...
Quote: Originally Posted by mxgreen Seller, from Paris, says Edward Green for Asprey ivory lizard cap toe bals in size 11.5 for opening bid of $240.00 or Buy-It-Now price of $280. No idea if the shoes are what the seller says they are but if they are - and if you like them - it's a good deal. Nice work if you can get it - he won those on eBay last week, outbid me with a high bid of about $100.
Quote: Originally Posted by HEARTLESS-531 I've heard the same thing about Lobbs factory store. Kinda like they don't want you to be there. Exact opposite experience at Edward green - just down the street. EG was busy and full of energy. If you email them they will tell you what shoes they have in your size. Yeah, pics would have been nice. Thanks though Are the EGs discounted?
Filson for ballers
A 'Made in Wales' (by whom?) Purdey six-ply cashmere turtleneck. It weighs over 4lbs and will stop even strong winds due to the density of the knit. Other than that I've got a handful of slightly baggy Scottish cable-knits that are great for slouching around in.
Right, a bit of a cull of the tie collection. All are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted. Everything for $80 if you'd like. Premier League $10 each shipped. Clockwise from top left: 1. New & Lingwood heavyweight silver with PoW self-check pattern 2. Dunhill with red / silver / orange micro stars 3. Henry Poole paisley (keeper / label loose on one side) 4. Turnbull & Asser sky blue with white and yellow overcheck 5. Turnbull & Asser purple and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lusitano Someone has to pay this. I'm not entirely defending Patrick, but my understanding is that his MBA was paid for by his previous employer (who offered him voluntary redundancy when they relocated) and that he had to sell a fair portion of his personal possessions (plus his house) when funding his initial investment in Norton & Sons.
A selection of wool, silk, and wool / silk mix scarves, one brown wool tie and one navy silk knit tie. Total damage $15
RLPL for £54.99 BIN
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