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Decent price for a Cordings corduroy jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Whats with the Top Drawer script on these EGs? (BIN $235) It's not TD script, they're old and they used to write the size information like that in all their shoes.
Low BIN for a cashmere jumper by S Fisher, one the better Scottish makers.
Bespoke suede Lobbs with three-piece trees
Quote: Originally Posted by 951socal Is this a savile row bespoke piece or? just a license thing? Not a licence AFAIK, they had an SR address (still do) but produce RTW pieces as well. Nice find though.
Yeah, baby:
I purchased this before Christmas, but my wife was right - I've got lots of hairbrushes so I don't need any more. Top quality Whitehouse Cox English-made leather case in a brown lizard print with green suede lining, containing two two-tone wooden hairbrushes with what look like natural bristles. Comes complete with Whitehouse Cox gift box. I can see no signs of use, the leather case has what I'd class as shop wear, but otherwise in immaculate condition. This would...
With all the conditions you've imposed, you're asking me to make your decision for you. I'm going to ignore them, and try and concentrate on what shoes I'd have if I only had a choice of four. In terms of manufacturers, I like EG and Lobb (who doesn't), but they don't win my vote for VFM. Trickers don't wear well, and Church's are overpriced at retail. I seem to get on well with C&J so I'm using their benchgrade models as examples. I wear black lace-up shoes to the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Xenos "Suicide heel"? Is that the v-cleat? What is the deal with that thing and why does it have such a dangerous reputation? Coming from someone who recently acquired a pair. They have absolutely zero traction - it appears I tend to try and dig in with the corner of the heel at the end of my stride, and these slip straight out from under me when the ground surface has any semblance of polish (wooden floors,...
Made by Cheaney IIRC - certainly a very solid, good quality shoe that (if you pick the right model) can have a bit of flair to it. $280 sounds a fair price, I'd not pay much more than that.
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