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$200 BIN for a (slightly careworn) Hermes wallet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Don't feel bad - I've been going for 10 years now and have never seen a Tom Ford either. I saw a TF suit tailored for a well-known celebrity about 18 months ago. They were asking $250 so I passed, but in hindsight I'd have made a chunk flipping it, to one of his groupies if nothing else...
Bump for price drops...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Guy from Shanghai Someone over AAAC said these old JLs were made by C&J. And I can attest, the dovetail and nail pattern are look almost exactly with the ones from C&J (as I used to own a pair like these). No truth in this I'm afraid - JL manufacture in-house.
Bringing this thread back on topic: - Alden for BB half-lined cordovan No.8 penny loafers - Hilditch & Key madder tie - Two NWT Sunspel polo shirts - T&A shirt to flip
Badass silk-lined Brioni raincoat. Good BIN for an English-made John Partridge coat.
Take because my wife was mocking my socks - I have no idea when I got these, found them during a clearout the other day. Worn with brown suede Sulka loafers and bespoke linen trousers: Out of sight is a surcingle / lizard belt, yellow university stripe shirt and a blue fresco half-lined sportcoat with smoked MoP buttons.
Excellent price for a pair of JM Weston loafers
A couple of new items for you Friday viewing pleasure...
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive My travel roulette set (Russian variety) Good luck getting that through in your handluggage.
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