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Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Holy Geez! What were the sizes on the suits? If any of those were close to a 42 or 44 R or L, I'm interested. Most of the bespoke stuff was about a 40 short with what seemed like compensation for someone with a pot belly.
I don't understand what form of translation fail could produce "Cote da Sure" in place of what should be Cote d'Azur. Then, I don't understand what form of design fail could produce this:
I ran a couple of errands across town today and popped into a couple of shops I don't usually get to. I didn't buy anything. However, I took a couple of pics of things to show the frustration that can occur when you see lovely items that simply won't fit. I'll also clarify that prices here in London are substantially higher than most of you are used to. Bespoke Tommy Nutter black mohair suit with a red pinstripe: Loro Piana pure cashmere overcoat by...
I realise I've never posted in here. Thank you to the following people I've transacted with recently, and apologies to those I've missed off the list: jakepeso Davron Spot Artking3 MalfordofLondon Imhoff Hungryman792 harry2quinn rsatmans shellphll --Jonas-- penn1600 clintonf hst JhwkMac tjc4golf chenzhongbi distinctive justinsmnz chobochobo gregaz
Quote: Originally Posted by st.tully Does Budd forego sales altogether or has it just not started? They've not had a winter sale this year. They had a sale in the summer. I would note that Huntsman have acquired them, I believe since the summer. This may mean that the new owners don't want to have a sale - though this is entirely uninformed speculation. I'm certainly hoping there will be one in the summer. On another note, Foster & Sons...
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 The pleat thing is a mystery to me. I know it can be done but apparently it is a major undertaking. However, one eBay store in Europe that I bought something from listed that as an available service in their tailoring options and it was cheaper than a pant re-cut or major coat work. Perhaps they have more men's tailors available because of immigration from Eastern Europe? Who knows. There are two ways to do...
This is stunning, and I've never seen anything like it. It's vintage Brioni, and is like a knitted blazer, with no padding. I think it's knitted from cotton, and it's been made very cleverly - the knit varies over the garment to give structure and shape. In jacket terms, it's single breasted with a notch lapel, patch pockets and is unvented. There is a badge on the breast pocket, which seems to be original to the jacket. It's a good one too, with genuine metal embroidery....
Low BIN for a pair of Shipton & Heneage country shoes
Decent price for a Cordings corduroy jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Whats with the Top Drawer script on these EGs? (BIN $235) It's not TD script, they're old and they used to write the size information like that in all their shoes.
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