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It's all about a 38R / 40R - 20-21" P2P, 25" sleeves, 30" BOC length, 30 x 34 pants. There's some variation from that though. I'm a 38L - the structured cut means it's fine around the chest and jacket waist, but the sleeves are a little short, the inseam quite short, and the waist on the trousers too full. Those that have enough to let down on the trousers I'll do so. Those that are too short will end up on the SC. The stuff I left behind was also nuts (albiet in...
Well I'm still hyperventilating. I picked up my daughter this afternoon to look after her whilst my wife went out, and walked home via a few shops. The first half-dozen yielded nothing, and then I popped into one I don't visit very often - partly because nothing is priced, and they assess how wealthy they think you look at the checkout. I once had to pay $25 for three slightly motheaten ties. The first thing I picked up was a bespoke, unlined Italian linen suit with...
Quote: Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie only? i could be perfectly happy with 3. Seconded - my rotation (all French cuff, no pocket, spread collar) is; White twill Light blue twill Pink twill Bengal stripe
No pics because I left it all at work, but I scored a vintage Anderson & Sheppard SB suit in a heavyweight (~14oz) birdseye fabric, and a bunch of somewhat slim silk foulard ties. I've no idea why, but I keep seeing A-Man Hing Cheong suits right now - five in the past month!
I went out for lunch today and popped into a store I don't frequent often. I'll say up front that I found nothing that fit me, but they had an eye-popping selection of items; An Anderson & Sheppard tailcoat An RLPL grey SB suit An orphaned Su Misra jacket What looked like a debadged Kiton suit A Brooks Brothers pure camel sportcoat A bespoke Hayward cotton jacket and more that I've forgotten. Prices were high enough I don't think there's much flippers margin,...
I'd wait for the sales - not too long now. I got a lovely E&R suit for £195 in their winter sale, and last autumn I managed to get two of the M&S Luxury suits for £125 each - lots of handsewing including the buttonholes and fully canvassed. Certainly if the block works for you one of the regular line M&S suits is as well made as Ted Baker etc, it's just a matter of styling. The usual suspect that's not been mentioned yet is SuitSupply.
Downright cheap Cleverleys.
RLPL green linen trousers, 34x29 £9.99 BIN
Price drop from $50 to $45. Come on, this is peanuts!
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek $287 shipped on the 11D EG. http://cgi.ebay.com/RALPH-LAUREN-PUR...item4aa126b094 Sadly back up to $479
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