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Ralph Lauren Purple Label silk pocket squares with handrolled edges, made in Italy, all brand new with tags; Dark blue with a green border and red and green dot design $18 shipped worldwide SOLD Dark blue with white dots $18 shipped worldwide SOLD Dark blue with a fantastic multicolour pattern $18 shipped worldwide SOLD Dark yellow / gold colour silk knit tie, also made in Italy and NWT $25 shipped worldwide SOLD
Quote: Originally Posted by summej2 Yep...Much like RJ, I don't tend to post things I plan to buy. Much like all of us I presume - though I really need to make an effort to post the stuff I decide not buy...
Quote: Originally Posted by summej2 G. Lorenzi pipe cleaning set in burlwood box http://cgi.ebay.com/SUPERB-G-Lorenzi...item3a5a386ed0 Damn you, for the 3 seconds it took for the page to load I honestly thought that might be affordable.
Also interested to know more - do Trickers still have a reasonable selection and pricing?
A tale of two different victories; On the way to the stores, I popped into a supermarket for a loaf of bread and came out with a case of Gonzalez Byass 30-year old soleras (Apóstoles, Del Duque, Noë) at $7.50/bottle instead of $35/bottle... And then I found a lovely D'Avenza sportcoat in a light grey pick'n'pick fabric. It was tagged a 44R, but measures out at more like a 40R/L, so I'm happy!
SAB fitted pigskin case containing implements for putting on your riding boots!
Bargain Vass BIN
An amazing pair of RLPL carpet slippers
I recently purchased these hoping they would fit, but they run too small for me. As a reference point, I'm an 11 in the Alden Barrie last, and I'm guessing these are a size smaller than that. I'll add sole measurements when I can find the tape measure. They are a pair of true bespoke shoes by Wildsmith of St James, from 1979 - the point when Wildsmith were one of the better bespoke makers in London. This means they're probably fully handmade. They have a 360-degree...
Don't forget Cleverley in the Royal Arcade. If you're in the area, it's worth popping in to John Rushton shoes on Wimpole Street. If you have the time for a fitting you could visit Frank Foster and order some shirts? Perhaps some stationery from Smythson on Bond St?
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