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Quote: Originally Posted by RJman KFS fur-lined overcoat: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT I was pleased to win this, but now the seller is trying to ding me for $100 to ship it to England
I've satisfied myself with RTW and alterations to this point; I can try something on and know that it'll look good, and more importantly I can buy items at deep discount to retail if I wait for the sales / carefully select on eBay / B&S etc. However, I'm now exploring the bespoke route. I can choose something that's exactly what I want, with the risk it looks bad because I made poor choices or the tailor isn't up to scratch. I think it's fair to say the first bespoke...
On Saturday my wife and I went to a part of town we don't usually visit. I found an Invertere coat that was lovely but too 'vintage' for me, and a Grenfell trench that I simply didn't need. I scored a handful of ties though - BB Makers heavy silk twill, Drakes, and a Celine Paris which has merry-go-round horses on it - great fun. Sunday I went into a couple of shops near home and got a pair of Cheaney suede loafers in my size. They had the first pair of Santoni FAM I've...
Posted solely for the edification of the group (and because I'm sure my mother had one like this and I remain scarred to this day).
Cheap BIN (€189) on a pair of decent-looking Vass.
I'd kop these NIB Vass if they were my size - fair price.
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC I just wanted to make a comment about the suit shown in the blog linked above (and which is on display in the window) - apparently they're made in the Czech Republic, but the quality of the handwork and overall construction seemed excellent when I examined it, especially considering the starting price of £499. I'm probably going to have a suit made up from one of the lower-price books (less of an expensive experiment if...
I have three Caraceni jackets, I'm putting this one up for sale to test the water. I apologise in advance for the number of detail photos, but I imagine few will have the opportunity to examine something like this so it's nice to see what goes into it. It's a lovely warm brown / green mix herringbone tweed in a 3/2.5 roll, double vent. The level of handwork and general construction quality of this is off the scale. Condition is excellent with no pulls, holes, stains or...
Quote: Originally Posted by tweedydon Does anyone know what the quality of these is like? My guess is that with a retail of around $60 to begin with, N&L are licensing their name.... Yes - they're of totally average construction and quality, and probably of little interest for the average SF member. If it didn't have the N&L label you'd not stop for a second look.
Can anyone ID this gentleman? I love his suit, though DB with DB waistcoat is a look I'd struggle to pull off:
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