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Hmmm, not like that - imagine a standard hide wallet like this, but alongside the lighter sections between the scales on the horizontal axis, there are raised welts:
I saw a wallet today (unsure if it was croc or alligator) which had raised welts between the scales, clearly a naturally occurring part of the hide. I've never seen this before, but really liked it. Does anyone know what causes the welts / which part of the hide is used?
This simply isn't getting any use; despite Will's recent post featuring this umbrella I always find myself using a coloured model. Fantastic 'Prince of Wales' umbrella from Swaine, Adeney and Brigg. This is their top of the range model, with hallmarked sterling silver collar and cap on the malacca handle. This is the 25" model with the nylon canopy, and retails for £290 at the SAB store and online. This has the initials 'WC' engraved on it (£45 upcharge) - these are...
Quote: Originally Posted by catside Good deal. Congrats.
Quote: Originally Posted by km268 Can anyone suggest a good tailor in the Bath or Bristol area that will advise on and alter a suit? Thanks K About a decade ago there used to be a good elderly tailor (manufacturing as well as alterations) working from one of the basement rooms on Gay Street in Bath. I don't know if he's still working, but if so he would be my recommendation. Otherwise you could try the alterations tailor that works out...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman M&W oxbone shaving/grooming set in leather case: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT Claws off, bitches! (please?) Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Hermes spoo a depeches: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT I preferred Sac a Despoo. Good price though Quote: Originally Posted by RJman D&F cufflinks --...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle I think the exotics were only the display shoes. I found a pair of crocs and they told me the other one was in the U.S on a trunk show They had a pair in lizard that were for sale - I did see the croc but didn't enquire further.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrbig When does the Cleverley sale end? Any particular models to look out for? Having paid a visit this morning: Uncollected bespoke models are £450. They had some exotics (lizard and croc) and nothing seemed to note these were any more expensive. If they have something that fits, these are phenomenal value - top quality fully hand-made shoes, in some cases with trees. Most of the stock is clearly bespoke though...
Good kop, bad kop? Papworth document case for a good BIN (£600 new) but no photos of the actual item?
Low BIN for a pair of suede C&J - they look ready for the bin but if you have a competent cobbler you could probably make them presentable again. Good price for a new Dunhill pochette (a la Permanent Style), if you think you can carry it off.
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