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J. L. Powell are having a sale, and have very reasonable prices on Edward Green and Alden (40-60% off) if they have your size.
Tatty looking but well priced modern Dunhill bridle leather suitcase.
Photos to be addede later today, but just getting details up for now; Crockett & Jones 'Sandown' handgrade plain-toe blucher boot in black calf leather, size 7 E UK. Generally good condition - some wear to the sole and a few small scuffs to the uppers. Now on eBay Crockett & Jones 'Eaton' standard grade penny loafer in snuff suede, size 6.5 E UK. Again, good condition with a little wear on the soles and nothing notable on the uppers. SOLD
And another price drop...
What seems like a very reasonable BIN price for a pair of Poulsen Skone / N&L loafers.
Whilst I was at what is rapidly becoming my favourite thrift today, they allowed me to nose around the stockroom. Among other things, they have an Aquascutum grey herringbone DB raincoat with a genuine fur lining. It absolutely rocks, but it's a 44 and I'm a 40. So, any views on whether a decent alterations tailor would be able to take on the job of cutting it down for me, or whether it's something I'll have to pass on?
Quote: Originally Posted by California Dreamer How do you know who the donor was? Because the cashier commented that he'd brought them all in at the weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I would not wear a linen suit to a bank, even if I had magic linen that didn't wrinkle. I have to admit to doing just this - turned up to work a couple of weeks back (~90 degrees) in a pressed-that-morning parchment linen suit, sky blue spread-collar shirt and a peach cashmere tie, plus tan captoe oxfords. I didn't get fired. I did get a couple of compliments, and a small measure of snark.
Bump and a price drop
Seriously, why no BIN on these white bucks and wingtips? I've purchased shoes from them and been very pleased, and at the price you could do the gardening in them....
New Posts  All Forums: