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Quote: Originally Posted by dddx Hi all, I might be in London from January to June next year, and am thinking of picking up a wool peacoat for my trip. Generally, would these be too warm for London? I don't really know how all this winter wear stuff works as I live in a tropical climate. Thanks! I would say so, but then I'm a local and used to the weather. You'll be here for two winter months, January and February, but average...
Two pairs of shoes today - a pair of Alden double-sole cordovan derbies (plus topy and toe-tap, as if anyone would kill the double sole) and a pair of John Lobb 'Monaco' boat shoes. Alden's may be on the small side, Lobb's on the large - time will tell. Plus three ties - a Henry Poole, a Madelios Paris and a Robert M Rose / Gustave Van Geluwe
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred49 That's a lovely wallet, who made it?
They're not bad, but not great either - most that I've seen have been fused, but not badly so, and with adequate fabric. Basically, they're what you should expect for £200. Other options might be Roderick Charles (who drop their suits down to ~£250 at the end of sale) or Ede & Ravenscroft (more like £300, but good quality).
I'm looking for a pair of fairly heavyweight flannel pants in a mid-grey colour - 30-32" waist, and unhemmed or enough to let down to a 34" inseam. Ideally flat front or single pleat, and with side tabs rather than belt loops, but I'm not that bothered. Does anyone have anything suitable?
Sold - thanks for looking Right, I have an amazing pair of trousers up for sale. They're Super 180s Kiton Blanc Blu, Kiton's top-of-the-line range. They're a very versatile dark blue colour, single pleated and with a button fly. Virtually everything on them is handsewn - just check out the photos. Condition is excellent - no visible wear on the usual places (i.e. no shiny seat, no wear to the hem, no sagging pocket edges), no stains, no holes, no pulls. Measurements...
Quote: Originally Posted by AJL These things really retail this high though ($4,000-8,000)? These are like top line JL St. James or Lattanzi bespoke prices, no? Not that I'm aware of - I think it's the usual eBay bull$hit about retail prices...
For the lady in your life, a lovely vintage Drew & Sons handbag
This is absolutely amazing - it's a fairly conservative Chester Barrie double breasted suit, but it's made of a pure cashmere fabric - it's not soft and fluffy like you'd expect, but more like a regular worsted suiting with a really supple handle. Being a Chester Barrie there's some nice handwork (most notably the buttonholes) and is fully canvassed. It's a 6/2 double breasted, with twin pleated trousers with turnups. It's in immaculate condition, with no faults I...
Well reading the thread got me thinking about ordering a nice pair of light coloured gloves from Chester Jefferies, or perhaps a pair of the peccary ones on eBay. Then I went out this morning, and happened to find these in a vintage clothing store - NOS buckskin gloves by 'Webbs', made in England with black handstitching and the little triangular darts on the fingers. The best part is they cost me about 15% of what Chester Jefferies would have charged!
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