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A tale of two different victories; On the way to the stores, I popped into a supermarket for a loaf of bread and came out with a case of Gonzalez Byass 30-year old soleras (Apóstoles, Del Duque, Noë) at $7.50/bottle instead of $35/bottle... And then I found a lovely D'Avenza sportcoat in a light grey pick'n'pick fabric. It was tagged a 44R, but measures out at more like a 40R/L, so I'm happy!
SAB fitted pigskin case containing implements for putting on your riding boots!
Bargain Vass BIN
An amazing pair of RLPL carpet slippers
I recently purchased these hoping they would fit, but they run too small for me. As a reference point, I'm an 11 in the Alden Barrie last, and I'm guessing these are a size smaller than that. I'll add sole measurements when I can find the tape measure. They are a pair of true bespoke shoes by Wildsmith of St James, from 1979 - the point when Wildsmith were one of the better bespoke makers in London. This means they're probably fully handmade. They have a 360-degree...
Don't forget Cleverley in the Royal Arcade. If you're in the area, it's worth popping in to John Rushton shoes on Wimpole Street. If you have the time for a fitting you could visit Frank Foster and order some shirts? Perhaps some stationery from Smythson on Bond St?
Quick and dirty pics of the glen plaid from my cameraphone;
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 pics of what you got? and how do you know what books they are from? i got a suit length of grey flannel. a jacket length of mid-blue wool/silk/cash tweed a jacket length of a beige with brown windowpane lightweight wool and a trouser lengths worth of navy linen 85 gbp all up They all have the book woven into the selvedge. Yours sound lovely - I will admit I prefer the heavier cloths, and most of what...
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Those are fantastic prices at least in comparison to their Indian retail prices. You didn't get anything to flip on the B & S ? The staff were an absolute pleasure to deal with, and seemed to be almost gleefully telling customers what the retail price was on the bolts they were buying! Nothing to flip today, but given they are re-stocking I may make another trip tomorrow for myself and pick up a couple...
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 i saw this. im interested in going down. any idea of how big a discount there will be? Well worth going. Suit lengths are £30-40 each, with shorter lengths (jacket or trouser) being £5-20. They have a wide range, and more boxes out the back to replenish stock. My purchases; - 'Kaleidescope' flannel in dark grey with an jade chalkstripe - 'Snowy river' mid blue - 'Target' dove grey - 'Target'...
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