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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Looks like they all went poof. Maybe someone made him an offer he couldnt refuse. Am I being cynical to suggest shoes_of_distinction kopped?
Bespoke suit made by Sartoria Parioli of Rome. Some distinctive handwork on this - buttonholes and a lovely buttoniere. Excellent condition, little used. Mid weight charcoal grey with an off-white pinstripe. Three button front and double vents. Quote: Can you say anything more about the Satoria Paroli suit quality? Is it canvassed/half-canvassed? Are the pants lined? Also do you think the pants could be taken in? Thanks. Quality is excellent -...
Nice old (?) A&F Loden sportcoat
Good price for a nice Asprey coat.
Left behind because the moths had done a number:
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw I've picked up some excellent items after discovering them through RJ's lists and the weird ones are good entertainment. Thanks RJ! I would like to thank RJMan for his role in developing my SAB Pizzle collection.
Much cheapness for a Cordings covert
I've been given a large consignment of shirts (17 in total) to sell for a colleague. All items are in good condition, with any defects noted. Measurements are taken unstretched with a tailors' measure, but should be taken as a guide. Bigger photos should be available here - I'm shipping from London, England - there still seem to be some delays with the postal service to the US so please be patient. All prices include...
Decent BIN for a pair of slightly odd Lobb saddle shoes.
Low BIN for a cashmere zip sweater
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