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RLPL cashmere overcoat
Lovely ostrich - too light for me but glwts
RLPL suede jacket - looks like moleskin to me, but if it's suede the price is good.
Phenomenal Sulka cashmere coat with mink collar.
Only two things this morning - plain grey v-neck John Smedley merino sweater, and a Mark Cross breast wallet that'll work well for travel (lots of compartments): Oh, plus a Peppa Pig book and a furry snake toy to keep my daughter occupied, and a pair of pink Start Rite t-bar shoes
Interested in the Pickett ostrich depending on colour. Still lusting after your Cleverley croc wallet I missed out on...
I picked these up for a friend with the thought intention of reducing the heel stack. Ladies Lobb double monks in Buffalo Ardilla calf. Made in France, I suspect they're blake construction but they have a full sock so I can't confirm. Complete with Lobb box and yellow shoe bags. The shoes have been worn a couple of times, but are in very good condition. Size is Euro 40.5 which is a US 7. Asking £45 shipped within the UK, international shipping at cost (another £5 or...
Amazing Finnigans croc vanity case with silver fittings.
It's legit. I've seen fake Brioni with that label style, but the stitching around the label looked like it was applied by a glue-addled eight year old. If it's close to fitting, and you usually find it hard to find suits, I'd get it altered and wear it with pride. Otherwise, flip it for a decent profit, and plough the money back into something that does fit.
Interesting; I'm wary of using these numbers raw and drawing any meaningful conclusion, but I'm certainly surprised at the relatively low readership of some blogs that seem to generate quite a lot of hype.
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