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I currently own three pairs of Trickers, and one pair of Church's. I have previously owned at least another three pairs of Trickers, and about six more pairs of Church's. I would make the following observations; A lot of fairly generic comments have been made about both brands. Trickers are reknowned for their country shoes, and given the intended usage of these shoes they are of course going to very solidly constructed. However, they also make a wide range of different...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman RIGHTEOUS vintage Trickers: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT Yoink - thank you!
If the sleeve length is ~26" I'm in
Thank you for such a lovely post - I'll see if I can add a few more. I used to have a selection of the older Sulka ties, but they were just too short and narrow for me, so I moved them on. I'm pleased to say that it took me a while to find some ties from defunct makers (or something close!), many are still operating healthily! I've no idea what the story is with this, it's badged 'Robert M Rose - Gustave Van Geluwe'. As you can see, it needs some...
Quote: Originally Posted by dddx Hi all, I might be in London from January to June next year, and am thinking of picking up a wool peacoat for my trip. Generally, would these be too warm for London? I don't really know how all this winter wear stuff works as I live in a tropical climate. Thanks! I would say so, but then I'm a local and used to the weather. You'll be here for two winter months, January and February, but average...
Two pairs of shoes today - a pair of Alden double-sole cordovan derbies (plus topy and toe-tap, as if anyone would kill the double sole) and a pair of John Lobb 'Monaco' boat shoes. Alden's may be on the small side, Lobb's on the large - time will tell. Plus three ties - a Henry Poole, a Madelios Paris and a Robert M Rose / Gustave Van Geluwe
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred49 That's a lovely wallet, who made it?
They're not bad, but not great either - most that I've seen have been fused, but not badly so, and with adequate fabric. Basically, they're what you should expect for £200. Other options might be Roderick Charles (who drop their suits down to ~£250 at the end of sale) or Ede & Ravenscroft (more like £300, but good quality).
I'm looking for a pair of fairly heavyweight flannel pants in a mid-grey colour - 30-32" waist, and unhemmed or enough to let down to a 34" inseam. Ideally flat front or single pleat, and with side tabs rather than belt loops, but I'm not that bothered. Does anyone have anything suitable?
Sold - thanks for looking Right, I have an amazing pair of trousers up for sale. They're Super 180s Kiton Blanc Blu, Kiton's top-of-the-line range. They're a very versatile dark blue colour, single pleated and with a button fly. Virtually everything on them is handsewn - just check out the photos. Condition is excellent - no visible wear on the usual places (i.e. no shiny seat, no wear to the hem, no sagging pocket edges), no stains, no holes, no pulls. Measurements...
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