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No pics because I left it all at work, but I scored a vintage Anderson & Sheppard SB suit in a heavyweight (~14oz) birdseye fabric, and a bunch of somewhat slim silk foulard ties. I've no idea why, but I keep seeing A-Man Hing Cheong suits right now - five in the past month!
I went out for lunch today and popped into a store I don't frequent often. I'll say up front that I found nothing that fit me, but they had an eye-popping selection of items; An Anderson & Sheppard tailcoat An RLPL grey SB suit An orphaned Su Misra jacket What looked like a debadged Kiton suit A Brooks Brothers pure camel sportcoat A bespoke Hayward cotton jacket and more that I've forgotten. Prices were high enough I don't think there's much flippers margin,...
I'd wait for the sales - not too long now. I got a lovely E&R suit for £195 in their winter sale, and last autumn I managed to get two of the M&S Luxury suits for £125 each - lots of handsewing including the buttonholes and fully canvassed. Certainly if the block works for you one of the regular line M&S suits is as well made as Ted Baker etc, it's just a matter of styling. The usual suspect that's not been mentioned yet is SuitSupply.
Downright cheap Cleverleys.
RLPL green linen trousers, 34x29 £9.99 BIN
Price drop from $50 to $45. Come on, this is peanuts!
Quote: Originally Posted by greekgeek $287 shipped on the 11D EG. http://cgi.ebay.com/RALPH-LAUREN-PUR...item4aa126b094 Sadly back up to $479
Sorry, but whilst we're at it; Henry Poole, at the old shop The 'Skeleton' fitting measure (!) "What the well dressed German wears today, we shall wear tomorrow"
I think this is the out-takes, but at nearly 5 minutes there's some additional footage; http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=84536
PM sent from a tall, slim gentleman...
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