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Another no - I'm not a huge fan of 'rules', but black tie is black tie and is intended to be formal - you're better off expressing yourself with small tweaks like a grosgrain bowtie as opposed to monks which are an inherently informal shoe.
Low BIN for a stunning (if you can pull it off) Cordings sheepskin greatcoat.
Quote: Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon What the chuff is this?!
I wish these Poulsen Skone bespoke shoes fit me.
Oh, I forgot to mention above. I found a large quantity of bespoke garments belonging to this gentleman, who is nowhere near my size:
Bit of a haul this morning, though I stopped off for lunch and kind of lost heart afterwards; it means there's more waiting for next time! Brooks Brothers US-made supima cotton OCBD BB quarter-zip Pima cotton sweater Brioni check sportcoat Dege & Skinner regimental stripe tie Sartoria Parioli handmade tie Macclesfield horsebit tie Thurston burgundy velvet braces Cordings covert coat Best of all, a Mulberry 'Roger Saul' congo croc-print briefcase
Someone kop this Grenfell coat £9.99 BIN. I sold one in worse condition for about £50.
Good BIN for a pair of Shipton & Heneage spectators and slippers.
Rolls Royce decanter previously posted by RJMan, now at a lower price.
£75 BIN for a Benson & Clegg dinner suit - pics look interesting...
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