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Oh, I forgot to mention above. I found a large quantity of bespoke garments belonging to this gentleman, who is nowhere near my size:
Bit of a haul this morning, though I stopped off for lunch and kind of lost heart afterwards; it means there's more waiting for next time! Brooks Brothers US-made supima cotton OCBD BB quarter-zip Pima cotton sweater Brioni check sportcoat Dege & Skinner regimental stripe tie Sartoria Parioli handmade tie Macclesfield horsebit tie Thurston burgundy velvet braces Cordings covert coat Best of all, a Mulberry 'Roger Saul' congo croc-print briefcase
Someone kop this Grenfell coat £9.99 BIN. I sold one in worse condition for about £50.
Good BIN for a pair of Shipton & Heneage spectators and slippers.
Rolls Royce decanter previously posted by RJMan, now at a lower price.
£75 BIN for a Benson & Clegg dinner suit - pics look interesting...
£7 BIN for a Smedley jumper
Totally outside my usual acquisitions; I need a new sofa because the cat keeps clawing the current one. I went to the factory store and hiding in the corner was a leather version of what we currently have, with a faulty leg. $2400 down to $160 - yes please! Even the staff couldn't believe the price, but I paid up quickly before they changed their mind...
Quote: Originally Posted by sportin_life How many wears do most of you get from your shirts? I try to keep my costs under $100 each b/c I have issues w/ collar stain and wear usually and end up tossing my shirts after 25-30 wears, which is why I cringe at spending more on them. That seems very low - working on the basis I have 10 shirts and rotate them wearing each one once a fortnight, I'd be throwing my shirts after a year. I seem to get...
The shop at the end of my road has a bunch of these in now-defunct colourways. I picked up the one pictured below, but they had a range of other colours. They're English made from 100% wool. They're a bit scratchy, but soften up in use and are a great way to add some colour to your wardrobe. I'm happy to proxy these for members; covering my costs would make them $20 each shipped worldwide. I'm just trying to get a view on whether there's a market for these - if you're...
New Posts  All Forums: