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Quote: Originally Posted by spacetaekwon Hi, Saw a leather portfolio online and forgot the name of the brand, was wondering if anyone can tell me some information on it. I'll try my best to explain it... It was a leather portfolio with a flap that tucked into a brass bar (like an envelope). The brass closing can also be used as a carrying strap if you slide your hand into it...I realize this is extremely vague, but maybe you guys know what I'm talking...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tyrone MacStiophain (Bemused that this is how I spend my Fridays.) Most of these items didn't fit me, but would any be worth flipping? Keep the shirt, it fits sufficiently well elsewhere that even if you wear it under a sweater you did well. I don't care for the tie, but that Lanvin sweater is great (IMHO). Other than that, without an indication of pricing on the other items I don't think you'd have made much on...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Looks like they all went poof. Maybe someone made him an offer he couldnt refuse. Am I being cynical to suggest shoes_of_distinction kopped?
Bespoke suit made by Sartoria Parioli of Rome. Some distinctive handwork on this - buttonholes and a lovely buttoniere. Excellent condition, little used. Mid weight charcoal grey with an off-white pinstripe. Three button front and double vents. Quote: Can you say anything more about the Satoria Paroli suit quality? Is it canvassed/half-canvassed? Are the pants lined? Also do you think the pants could be taken in? Thanks. Quality is excellent -...
Nice old (?) A&F Loden sportcoat
Good price for a nice Asprey coat.
Left behind because the moths had done a number: https://picasaweb.google.com/1158070...44303476807778 https://picasaweb.google.com/1158070...44352432912210
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw I've picked up some excellent items after discovering them through RJ's lists and the weird ones are good entertainment. Thanks RJ! I would like to thank RJMan for his role in developing my SAB Pizzle collection.
Much cheapness for a Cordings covert
I've been given a large consignment of shirts (17 in total) to sell for a colleague. All items are in good condition, with any defects noted. Measurements are taken unstretched with a tailors' measure, but should be taken as a guide. Bigger photos should be available here - https://picasaweb.google.com/1158070...396389/Shirts# I'm shipping from London, England - there still seem to be some delays with the postal service to the US so please be patient. All prices include...
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