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The shop at the end of my road has a bunch of these in now-defunct colourways. I picked up the one pictured below, but they had a range of other colours. They're English made from 100% wool. They're a bit scratchy, but soften up in use and are a great way to add some colour to your wardrobe. I'm happy to proxy these for members; covering my costs would make them $20 each shipped worldwide. I'm just trying to get a view on whether there's a market for these - if you're...
I recently brought myself a Gladstone (not the SAB) and find it great - a bit bigger than a briefcase and hence more versatile, and the frame design makes loading and unloading really easy. Mine doesn't have straps; I think they'd drive me a bit nuts. Oh, and the weight doesn't bother me, though someone else picked it up and commented on it...
Cheap Chester Barrie suit; looks relatively recent though caveat emptor on the measurements.
A good day: A Welsh & Jefferies 6/2 DB bespoke suit in a 16oz navy chalkstripe. It's the perfect length (which is very rare), but the jacket is slighty roomy and the trousers are something else entirely - I like a generous cut but these have enough room for a double helping of ferret legging... A slightly ragged Grenfell belted hunting jacket (probably too big, but it was too cheap and nice to leave behind). A charming Holland & Holland tie: A couple of...
Very low BIN on a decent-looking Ede & Ravenscroft suit (£595 new)
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Whatever leather it is, it's a lovely bag and apparently in wonderful condition (not dried out at all). Congratulations! It was in good shape when I recieved it, but I gave it three coats of Liquid Leather and one of Pecards Vintage Leather Dressing for good measure.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Of course, in the first quarter of the last century, all sort of animals could be turned into leather goods. Here's a larger photo if it helps with scale:
The delays seem to have abated - a fortnight ago I was getting messages from buyers questioning the status of parcels posted mid-December (one took five and a half weeks to get from England to France), whilst this week I've been getting messages confirming receipt of parcels posted last week.
Just up and an auction, so no guarantee of a bargain, but promising-looking A&S suit and coat.
I've recently purchased a vintage Gladstone bag, which I initially assumed was made from grained calf. However, the more I look at it and handle it, the more I suspect it's something else. It's a heavier, less supple leather than calf, and there's sufficient variation to the grain that I believe it may be naturally-occurring. Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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