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Some lovely stuff, and Clinton is a gentleman to deal with.
Three of four sold, so a drop on the 'thing' and a bump.
A good BIN for a pair of suede Vass including trees - though judging by the photos they may have been resoled.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle Great price. Argh, shome shite just bid on it. BIN was £85 for those who are curious - seller might still accept it.
Someone kop http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Purdey-tweed-s...#ht_500wt_1154 Purdey tweed shooting jacket, low BIN.
Only the Brioni left, so price drop and a bump...
I popped in a couple of weeks ago - it was on a Saturday so Erlend wasn't in. I left with some boxer shorts, but I intend to return during the week when possible (it took me 6 weeks to get there on a Saturday, despite them being a mile from my home!). I just wanted to make a comment about the suit shown in the blog linked above (and which is on display in the window) - apparently they're made in the Czech Republic, but the quality of the handwork and overall...
From an estate sale this afternoon - a selection of beautiful vintage leathergoods. They're all very nicely monogrammed, so if your initials are EP you're in luck, otherwise I think they can be removed. All are in excellent condition, but must be ~40 years old. Prices include worldwide postage. Vintage Gucci Italian-made coat wallet, two large slots for unfolded banknotes. Feels to be made of thin bridle leather with a very fine (goatskin?) black leather lining. Rolled...
The only place to guarantee discounted Trickers (but not the model) is the factory shop in Northampton. I have heard if you call them and they have something in stock, they'll take payment over the 'phone and mail them to you. If the shoes don't have to be Trickers, there is a shop in the covered market in Oxford that often has C&J half off, or the Bicester outlet for Church's. In London you won't have much luck as the sales aren't on right now.
Nice SAB covert coat.
New Posts  All Forums: