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I often get asked in thrifts and places like TJ Maxx, but it's (I assume) not the way I'm dressed so much as the way I sort through the rails of clothing at a pace not conventionally associated with shopping.
Cool or not? Dunhill painted 'Varga girl' sterling silver compact.
It's been a while since I posted, so a few deals: As new Grenson for Ducker & Sons black saddle loafers for $30 shipped from eBay, and a pair of C&J tan saddle loafers for the same price with thanks to StephenStyle for the heads-up. A handful of ties from a local thrift on Monday - a vintage wool tartan from the Scotch House, a NWOT Hackett in dark blue with pink pattern and a slightly soiled Hermes that I'll probably get cleaned and flip. Two pairs of very...
Hmm, a little off tangent but I was in a thrift a few weeks back and they had a Tom Ford suit donated by David Walliams priced up a $300 - perhaps not an unreasonable price?
Church's Keats tassel suede loafer, new, £120 BIN
Quote: Originally Posted by Not Ed Harris I'm going to try them out fairly shortly, if anyone's interested I'll let you know how it goes. Go on, I'll bite at that price as well - he's 5 minutes walk from my house, and no minimum order limits the risk. Report in due course...
It's ignorance, I know, but to me the most distrubing thing is comments like: "The suit is so fine-tuned to my body that even the smallest increase or decrease in weight"”a single meal"”would have an effect" These guys are wholly delusional as to the fit of their garments, and seem to have been fed a 'concentrated' version of tailoring folklore...
J. L. Powell are having a sale, and have very reasonable prices on Edward Green and Alden (40-60% off) if they have your size.
Tatty looking but well priced modern Dunhill bridle leather suitcase.
Photos to be addede later today, but just getting details up for now; Crockett & Jones 'Sandown' handgrade plain-toe blucher boot in black calf leather, size 7 E UK. Generally good condition - some wear to the sole and a few small scuffs to the uppers. Now on eBay Crockett & Jones 'Eaton' standard grade penny loafer in snuff suede, size 6.5 E UK. Again, good condition with a little wear on the soles and nothing notable on the uppers. SOLD
New Posts  All Forums: