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Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 The pleat thing is a mystery to me. I know it can be done but apparently it is a major undertaking. However, one eBay store in Europe that I bought something from listed that as an available service in their tailoring options and it was cheaper than a pant re-cut or major coat work. Perhaps they have more men's tailors available because of immigration from Eastern Europe? Who knows. There are two ways to do...
This is stunning, and I've never seen anything like it. It's vintage Brioni, and is like a knitted blazer, with no padding. I think it's knitted from cotton, and it's been made very cleverly - the knit varies over the garment to give structure and shape. In jacket terms, it's single breasted with a notch lapel, patch pockets and is unvented. There is a badge on the breast pocket, which seems to be original to the jacket. It's a good one too, with genuine metal embroidery....
Low BIN for a pair of Shipton & Heneage country shoes
Decent price for a Cordings corduroy jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Whats with the Top Drawer script on these EGs? (BIN $235) It's not TD script, they're old and they used to write the size information like that in all their shoes.
Low BIN for a cashmere jumper by S Fisher, one the better Scottish makers.
Bespoke suede Lobbs with three-piece trees
Quote: Originally Posted by 951socal Is this a savile row bespoke piece or? just a license thing? Not a licence AFAIK, they had an SR address (still do) but produce RTW pieces as well. Nice find though.
Yeah, baby:
I purchased this before Christmas, but my wife was right - I've got lots of hairbrushes so I don't need any more. Top quality Whitehouse Cox English-made leather case in a brown lizard print with green suede lining, containing two two-tone wooden hairbrushes with what look like natural bristles. Comes complete with Whitehouse Cox gift box. I can see no signs of use, the leather case has what I'd class as shop wear, but otherwise in immaculate condition. This would...
New Posts  All Forums: