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Good pickings this morning, photos to follow: Sutor Mantellassi top-line (blue sole, toe nails) dark brown medallion wholecuts, with the SM lightweight shoe trees. John Lobb mid brown laced deck shoes. Stone Island orange ventile hooded jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix What? These? Rub it in, please.
Low BIN for some Loro Piana cords
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Heartbreaking -- these are basically new vintage Bowring Arundel shoes with a decent BIN and no one has kopped: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT What's heartbreaking is that someone had an offer of £151 accepted - I kept meaning to offer £175 and never got around it.
Stunning - I'd be enjoying these all summer long if they were my size.
Another no - I'm not a huge fan of 'rules', but black tie is black tie and is intended to be formal - you're better off expressing yourself with small tweaks like a grosgrain bowtie as opposed to monks which are an inherently informal shoe.
Low BIN for a stunning (if you can pull it off) Cordings sheepskin greatcoat.
Quote: Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon What the chuff is this?!
I wish these Poulsen Skone bespoke shoes fit me.
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