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The amount of adjustment is probably that for thinner fabrics, and a little less for thicker ones.They work well but to maximise their utility you should order a waist size with a little extra room so you can adjust both bigger and smaller than your norm.I like them, but as much for style preference than anything else.
I have a fairly large number of these, and will be adding full details over the coming days. I've used the yellow shirt in the enclosed photos to show the level of handwork in these shirts, including hand-attached collar and sleevehead, handsewn buttonholes, hand-attached buttons and hand reinforcement at stress points. They are brand new with tags, never worn. Vincenzo di Ruggiero is a high-end shirt shop in Naples, and previously had their shirts made by Borrelli to...
I have three Equus belts for sale, since I've moved over to side adjusters on all my trousers and they no longer get worn. They were worn sparingly - they each have a few marks and scuffs but I'll give them a good feed and polish before shipping. All are the same length - 40" in total for the leather part, and with holes from 31.5" to 36.5". All have brass buckles and are 1 1/4" wide. I have two 'West End', one in London Tan and one in Hazel. These would be £78 each...
As per the title, I'm moving on these Saint Crispins ankle boots made from a dark brown suede, light tan crepe rubber sole with a Norwegian welt. They come complete with lasted shoe trees. Size UK 10.5, about a US 11.5 I am happy to ship worldwide at cost.
Plus great pattern work by Vass - I've seen some MTOs that just don't work well, but there they have got the proportions spot on.
No. Suit fabric is about as formal as they come whilst the shirt fabric is midway down the casual spectrum even before accounting for the lack of a tie.
Those suede galoshes.... oh wows. Group MTO anyone?
Do you literally mean blazer, i.e. a navy coat with metal buttons? If so, best option is usually some form of serge. LBD Oyster is a good heavyweight. Fox do a couple, but I've not seem them made up.For something with a bit more texture a hopsack can be good - I really like Dugdale 9428 from the Town Classics bunch. Or some 15oz Fresco....
Mine have it, but then I always order 'dress pants style'. Your experience may differ if you order 'jeans style' :-)
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