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Yes, it's a derby due to the open lacing. The colour is not versatile - dark denim may rub off on it, it may become discoloured or stained in regular use, and it's innately a summer colour. Maybe a good purchase for the tenth shoe in your wardrobe but not the second or third.
It's basically just cm not inches - see the mantel section here:http://www.herrenausstatter.de/nutzwert/masstabellen.html
From @Dirnelli:I think he recommends some others on his Tumblr...
The two are not mutually exclusive - canvassing is the structure to the front of the coat, primarily the lapels, and is usually a mark of quality of construction. As mentioned by @MDeKelver, if a suit is very lightly lined you can often peek in to see the canvassing.Lining is a matter of preference as much as anything else, combined with the intended use case of the garment.There is some correlation though - many lower-cost unstructured garments are unlined and forego the...
Yes, it can be done. It's best done from the shoulder, which is a more complex operation.When you take it to your alterations tailor, ask them how they will do the job (from the shoulder or the cuff) and if the former how much prior experience they have.This will save you from:1. Arriving to collect, and finding they have just folded the cuff up2. Arriving to collect, and finding they have attempted to take the sleeve up from the shoulder and done a really poor job
His website has the contact details of a London agent, have you tried him?
I lost out in the Vass sizing gamble, so my Osloer boots are in the classifieds: http://www.styleforum.net/t/522215/vass-osloer-high-boot-in-antique-cognac-boxcalf-p2-last-45-5/0_50
These are absolutely stunning, but it seems I went half a size too large when swapping between lasts... These are a stock Vass model, known as the 'Osloer' - a raised-welt split-toe boot in 'Antique Cognac'. Sizing isn't listed anywhere but I ordered a 45.5 and the trees are marked as '45' (which makes sense, Vass don't do half-size trees). I would estimate they are equivalent to a US12. The outsole measures 33cm long by 11cm wide. They have been worn twice and are in...
It depends how warm 'summer' gets in Finland. I would suggest that will wear warm, be somewhat clingy as a fabric rather than draping, and generally not convey elegance. For something fairly informal for summer days I'd suggest linen is more suitable.
No stains / smells - I've worn it perhaps two or three times. I'd have to check exactly but it's probably a year old.
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