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For the most part, I'd estimate about 13oz - I've given piece weights in case anyone can calculate it directly. The lighter weight fabrics are the flannel, fancy blue weave and the Reid & Taylor.
I have way too much fabric, so I need to clear some out. This is just a selection, I have more in storage which I will dig out, and perhaps list a bit, in due course. I've tried to take one 'scale' photo and one close-up for each fabric (both taken in overcast natural light), and provide a fair amount of detail. If you would like more details, or additional photos, please let me know. All fabric is here in London with me. I can ship within the UK for about £5 and combine...
I recently received a new bag from a maker I've not seen mentioned on this thread before, Mark-Angelo Gizzi. He is based in Hertfordshire here in the UK and offers hand made saddle-stitched bags. This is a derivation of one of his stock models with slightly larger dimensions and a change to the handle. I'm borrowing Mark's photo until I get a moment to take my own. The whole process was great - Mark was prompt in communication, very diligent (he remade part of the bag...
Halstead is a very well respected producer of mohair cloth; it's usually best to see a swatch in person as the mohair content and the finishing will both determine how much of a sheen the finished cloth has. In my view so long as the sheen is minor then in that colour it will be a pretty formal / conservative suit and appropriate for office wear but also transition into evening wear at a bar / for cocktails.
Suit for me - I saw someone wearing a very similar jacket yesterday with dark trousers and although the wearer just about managed to pull it off, my first reaction was 'orphaned suit jacket'. The finish is just too smooth, and there's insufficient contrast to the pattern.
No, it means that Brooks Brothers has co-branded some SAB products; much like they do with Alden shoes.
Nope; Inverallan had one in stock as part of their current eBay clearout; I jumped on it within about 5 minutes of it being listed. It was more than the standard 3a but well below Nexus VII' price.
Photos will follow, but something special just arrived - an Inverallan 3a in cashmere
A fantastic pair of bespoke Corduroy trousers in a dark green colour, made by a tailor in Milan - as you can see from the photos there is a lot of handwork including the buttonholes. They are high-waisted and full cut, measurements as follows: Waist 33" Inseam 35" (more to let down if you lose the cuff) Front rise 12" Back rise 16.5" Width at hem 9" Width at knee 10.5" Width at thigh 14" - Button fly - Double pleats - 1.75" cuff - Change pocket in waist - Two pockets to...
Lovely chunky-knit cashmere jumper by Loro Piana - button fastening to the neck, which then has a ribbed roll collar to match the chunky roll cuffs and hem. Externally-sewn seams to the shoulder. Retail would be upper hundreds / possibly tipping into lower thousands. Excellent condition. Tagged an Italian 48, equivalent to a UK or US 38.
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