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I had a standing order, and got my invoice just now - so hopefully they are honouring everything in the queue.
PM sent, I'll take it.
In the US, for sure - the result of an ill-judged licensing agreement. But they originally were, and remain, a Savile Row tailor and their bespoke output is up to that standard.
Cheap EG suede monks http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Edward-Green-Brown-Suede-Shoes-Uk-Size-8-/111170393332
6ft 3in and about a 38 chest here - I would agree with others sizing advice and size up unless you like a really trim fit. I'd also go for the 40 on the basis of the sleeve length; it's still a shade short for me (normally a 35-36 sleeve length) but should be good for you at 34.5-35.Will post measurements in a moment.
Purchased brand new from the Carmina retail store in Madrid, but never worn. I don't think these are a stock style, but they are absolutely stunning with the different broguing styles and the unusual cordovan colour. I'm afraid I don't know what last they are on, but they are a UK10.5. They come complete with box. I just want to note that the edge finishing is a little imperfect - in a couple of spots it has gone onto the uppers. New these are 510 Euros / £450 / $675....
I purchased these in the hope they'd fit, but they are too small - they have been worn perhaps half a dozen times, as shown by the pictures of the soles. The uppers have a couple of slightly darker spots on the toebox - these may come out easily but the pricing reflects them. I'm not sure what last they are on, but looking at the Carmina website I'd suggest Rain - it's certainly a squared / chiselled style. They are a UK size 10. They don't come with the box, but will...
I have just spoken to Inverallan and prices are ex-VAT so those in the EU will need to add 20% to the prices listed above.
+1 on this - I am an 11 in Carmina and a solid 46 in the New Peter; I also have a 45.5 in the Banana last but it's a shade too small.
Quick EG sale report: Slippers are £145 Shoes are £295 Handsewn shoes and ankle boots are £325 Boots are £375 There was a good selection across the sizes, with a mix between seconds, special orders and display models. As always, if you want a specific model, last and leather you'll be disappointed but if you have a broad idea such as a brown loafer in a 7 / 7.5E you'll probably come away with something. It wasn't actually as busy as I thought it might be upon opening,...
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