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Suede is inherently casual, but that shoe is closed-laced which brings it back up the formal scale. I personally wouldn't wear it, but I can't imagine too many people will notice or disapprove.
Works 50% of the time. I just gave up and went back to bookmarking pages.
Another one wearing heavyweight Luxire trousers in the cold snap, in this case the 'Mid Grey Wool Flannel 100% Wool'. Although only 12oz they are thick as anything and the warmest Luxire pants I have.
There's not much adjustment, especially on thicker fabrics. So in practice you have enough to give a little ease after a full meal, but not if you eat that way for a fortnight and gain 5 lbs.In my experience works fine without a jacket. It also works well (jacket required here) on pants with braces, since it gives that small amount of adjustability that is needed in the absence of a belt.
I'm just not wearing this, so time to find a new wardrobe for it to live in. We've had great times together. Boglioli K Jacket, about 10 years old so the sizing is a little more classic than their current block. Tagged a 40 and fits true to size. All the usual great Boglioli deconstructed styling. Purchased from upscale retailer Bamford & Sons on Sloane Square. For some reason there's no fabric tag, but this is either pure cashmere or a blend with a small portion of...
Beautiful US-made made-to-measure pure slubby silk jacket from Sulka, with fantastic 'Sulka' enamelled gilt buttons. Single vent, notch lapels (no buttoniere), cuffs are non-functioning so easy to adjust length, regular flapped pockets. Measurements are as follows: Chest 22" pit to pit Sleeves 25.5" Bottom of collar to hem 32" Shoulders 18" Price is plus shipping from London, England. Collection welcomed.
I purchased these last spring but they never got worn so moving them on to create some space. The fabrics are beautiful, and the construction is top notch - fully canvassed, mother of pearl buttons. Retail price on these is around £13-1500 or about $1900-2200. They are tagged as a European 50L, but the cut is contemporary so they're quite short and with a reasonable amount of waist suppression. Probably best for a 38L. Measurements of all are as follows: Pit to pit...
I appreciate there are a number of dependent variables, including the weave of the cloth. However, does anyone have a sense / rule of thumb for how much a pure cashmere cloth will wear than a pure wool? If I have a 22oz wool overcoat, would replicating it in 22oz cashmere make it appreciably warmer?
It's a romantic notion. There are places on a garment where the hand is trying to emulate the consistency of a machine.Equally, there are places on a garment where significant sums have been spent to develop machines that can execute a stitch with the characteristics previously only available by hand-sewing. Not better or worse, just a economy of scale which may lead to a more affordable garment.What is left between the two is an aesthetic preference, as you yourself...
Lovely Maternas for a good price: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Georg-Materna-Wien-Budapester-Massschuhe-Plain-Toe-Derby-42-Uk-8-/381540535176?hash=item58d5968b88:g:tMAAAOSwuAVWt40W
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