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Unwritten Rules of Menswear, Volume 3, Chapter 12, Section IIa:The Order of the Lapel ChainAdmission to the Order of the Lapel Chain shall only be granted to those who have made personal pilgrimage to Pitti Uomo.Wearing of the Lapel Chain is admissible in the following circumstances:i. Within 3 nautical miles of Pitti Uomoii. In the presence of no less than three certified members of the iGentryiii. In the presence of a men's style journalistFailure to adhere to these...
Yes, higher supers will be more delicate than an all-round cloth. And cheaper supers will often be more fragile than more expensive ones since they use lower-quality fleece (e.g. shorter staples, whilst still of the same micron diameter to achieve the supers rating).But honestly, it's a suit. You shouldn't have just one. And you shouldn't have anything which is delicate enough you feel cautious wearing it. Just use it, enjoy it, and buy enough suits you're not wearing it...
Friday evening is to my mind quite a casual time. Whilst a suit is technically 'business attire', if you look across most workplaces that term encompasses much wider options including a sportcoat.As such, I don't think the shade of grey should be a significant determinant - if it's the only well-fitting suit you own, then wear it. If you have an even-better fitting subdued sportcoat, consider that instead.
Too much contrast with dark jeans and tan loafers.
Yes. There was some initial darkening through the introduction of moisture, but in my experience this passed and the leather returned to its original colour.
Well Seraphin has made for Hermes for a long time now - they probably just wanted control like they did with the company who made hats for them...
But heavy linen drapes so fantastically and works perfectly for Northern Europe - it was in the low 20s today in London and I was very happy indeed in 14oz linen.
It's very difficult to give an opinion on quality based on a photo alone. I would think it highly likely both are Blake construction. I am not suggesting they are perfect, but for that sort of money I would be looking at Meermin or perhaps hoping Rider Boot Co put something in their sale section (which may also be Blake constructed but using likely higher quality materials). Edit - too big but this sort of thing from Rider: http://riderboot.com/shop/faris/ Or this from...
This just got added to the unfunded pile, vintage single-width Harris Tweed which is probably 40 years old:
Yes, it's a derby due to the open lacing. The colour is not versatile - dark denim may rub off on it, it may become discoloured or stained in regular use, and it's innately a summer colour. Maybe a good purchase for the tenth shoe in your wardrobe but not the second or third.
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