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His website has the contact details of a London agent, have you tried him?
I lost out in the Vass sizing gamble, so my Osloer boots are in the classifieds: http://www.styleforum.net/t/522215/vass-osloer-high-boot-in-antique-cognac-boxcalf-p2-last-45-5/0_50
These are absolutely stunning, but it seems I went half a size too large when swapping between lasts... These are a stock Vass model, known as the 'Osloer' - a raised-welt split-toe boot in 'Antique Cognac'. Sizing isn't listed anywhere but I ordered a 45.5 and the trees are marked as '45' (which makes sense, Vass don't do half-size trees). I would estimate they are equivalent to a US12. The outsole measures 33cm long by 11cm wide. They have been worn twice and are in...
It depends how warm 'summer' gets in Finland. I would suggest that will wear warm, be somewhat clingy as a fabric rather than draping, and generally not convey elegance. For something fairly informal for summer days I'd suggest linen is more suitable.
No stains / smells - I've worn it perhaps two or three times. I'd have to check exactly but it's probably a year old.
I have Wool Rich and VBC. I would say the use case is subtly different. The Wool Rich are 'beater' trousers - good for travel, marginally more resistant to creasing, and I know if all else fails I can give them to a hotel laundry and they should come back in one piece. The VBC wear marginally cooler, but I suspect the fabric is more delicate and they certainly require more care in cleaning. So they tend to get worn when I am working from my normal office.
Blowing this out for a silly low price. Only worn a couple of times - MTO lightly tweaked from a Suitsupply 38 Long block. Still have the tags somewhere, and I think it has a bag of spare buttons in one pocket. Fabric is a blue Ariston Super 130s in about a 9oz, with rustic brown buttons. Measurements are as follows: Pit to pit 20.75" Jacket waist 18.25" Shoulders 17.5" Sleeve 26" Jacket length from bottom of collar 30.75" Price is plus shipping worldwide from London,...
For me, nothing. I get everything made to the same dimensions. You may prefer to have your chinos cut trimmer, but that's more a contemporary style point. What I like about Luxire is I can get trousers that don't hew to the current trend for low rise / high-water hem / slim leg.
Well I LOLed, does that count?
I purchased these from 'A Guy from Shanghai' back in November but they are a shade too small for me. They have sat in a drawer unused since, which is a waste. Stunning depth of colour and the most buttery soft feel as would be expected from peccary. Price includes worldwide letter post shipping.
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